UN Day Celebration Rush for National Costumes

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It’s now October and this month happened to also be the UN Day celebration month for all private and public schools all over the Philippines. When this day comes, all schools are busy with parade here and there to showcase the different national costumes of the UN member countries all over the world. The official UN Day according to the website of United Nation is on October 24, 2014. Continue Reading UN Day Celebration Rush for National Costumes…

Erika Padilla for FHM Cover Girl June 2014

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erika padilla, fhmI don’t know if it’s just with the make up but last time I knew or have seen Erika Padilla in a teleserye with Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz in Imortal, she looks a bit different. This awesomely sexy lady is just too much to handle on screen that she oozes with beauty as she gets introduced in the said tv series with some of the biggest names in showbiz as I’ve mentioned. (full photo credits to fhm.com.ph)

Today, as I take a look at Erika’s face, she seemed to have lost that innocent touch. I’m not so sure if she had her nose lifted up or something but there is something in her that I didn’t like anymore compared back in her stint with Imortal stars, Angel Locsin as her “mare” and John Lloyd. Continue Reading Erika Padilla for FHM Cover Girl June 2014…

Finally A Top Loan Consultant for Collateral Car Loan in the Philippines

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better loan optionsBeing a loan consultant for a lending company has never been my forte. I am a lover of plants and gardening, SEO, cooking, travel and family. But this year has really been so good to me that I never thought after a year or so of being just at home blogging and writing stuff to help Pinoys find good information, here I am, on my way to being the top car loan consultant for one of the top lending companies in the Philippines offering both collateral and non-collateral loans to Filipinos around the country.

I actually started 2012 with this new feat and I can’t even say that I am new to this. I have been bragging like crazy without knowing so much about loans and I never thought I would touch this topic at all. It’s a hard point to argue and much more, to explain to possible clients and borrowers of cash loan. Pinoys are hard to please, they are so wise and witty that you have to answer all questions with judgement and trust on what you are talking about so I had to learn so many things by attending seminars here and there. I love learning and like it more if I will earn from it doing what I love which is talking to people. Continue Reading Finally A Top Loan Consultant for Collateral Car Loan in the Philippines…

ABS CBN Bashes Pinoy Blogger Websites for Allegedly Infringing Copyrighted Content from Shows and Teleserye

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ABS-CBN is known for so many popular tv shows and teleserye (soap drama). While some have aired successful pilot episodes and interesting daily and nightly coverage, many Pinoys it seems love the art of watching a missed segment. Due to widespread available online copied content episodes of these shows and teleserye, Pinoys can now watch a missed version. Since many Pinoy bloggers have made and recorded episodes or have gotten it elsewhere, it has become so easy to share and make available a copy of the replay videos online. Continue Reading ABS CBN Bashes Pinoy Blogger Websites for Allegedly Infringing Copyrighted Content from Shows and Teleserye…

Honesto Teleserye – It’s about time for Pinoys to come back to basics

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It’s timely and it’s been so long since we’ve seen a tv program promoting an age old tradition of our elders – developing Filipino culture of being honest. This is recently what lacks many government officials that instead of protecting the people’s interests, they are mostly the ones stealing the people’s money to use it to their advantage. This has been seen in the recent whistle blower expose in the PDAF scam by the Napoles and some alleged government officials from senators to congressmen. Continue Reading Honesto Teleserye – It’s about time for Pinoys to come back to basics…

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