Illegal Amusement Token Sellers Caught

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Last Friday was actually my day off and the next day i arrived at work and started to do the usual talks about what happened while i was gone for my off. My co-technician Jack told me about an interesting occurrence in one of the branches that we handle as amusement technicians. Me being the technical head assumed that it was really one of the most important things that had happened at our branch .

Getting back to the original story, according to the acting branch head of our EGM branch, Sir Rommel, while he is standing by and looking around the place, two guys that are familiar to him appeared to be playing in his domain on the Indiana Jones machines. He never suspected the two guys until the security guard approached him about a certain commotion that another customer reported to him. That is, he actually saw two guys breaking the doors of one of our most popular amusement machine, “the indiana jones”. The customer who reported the scene was a reputable professor at the University of Santo Tomas in Espana.

When the incident was told to Sir Rommel, he at once asked the complainant if the persons he is talking about is the ones with what he described to be wearing the specific shirts. The complainant told him yes, and upon learning that it was those two guys he earlier saw playing regularly from our other branch, he fled to the other branch to see if those two guys are there. Not expecting, Sir, Rommel appeared in their front with him accompanying two more security guards of the mall and catching those two thieves on ground and red handed. The two dared him that he could not continue otherwise to file them a suit for what they did is not subject to the law and that matter angered the more Sir Rommel. Without the knowledge of the two guilty party, he already talked to the witness and convinced him to testify for the incident and he already had his blessings to testify if the case will push through.

Sad to say for those illegal token sellers and their other comrades, they are about to suffer a 3-6 year imprisonment for the case if convicted. Lucky us because this could be the start of a new era for the demolition of those illegal token sellers that has greatly affected our company’s earning these past few months or even years. We don’t really know how long they have been making this industry suffer by the thousands each month.

We just hope this is the start of having them all disappear not just literally but virtually from our amusement and also from other places and other amusements too.

Amusement Parks, More of a Leisure and a Luxury

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It’s a happy fact for most amusement owners here in the Philippines getting the most out of the advantages on exploiting the timely boom of the Amusement Industry. Most entrepreneurs who invest in amusement and amusement parks are earning a significant amount of money through different amusement machines.

The sad instance is of course because here in the Philippines, the vast majority of patrons of any amusement are either the middle earning people or the massive poor. Why is this so? I work in a prestigious amusement also and the fact that i see all sorts of people vying to get rides and fun games and arcades are mostly those who as i’ve mentioned before belong to the poor category. Sad but true, and we have to learn to accept the fact. Prices of tokens range from 5 php up to 7 php and you get the pleasure of having that certain amount in a few seconds and for the lucky veterans maybe a few minutes.

On my everyday life in the amusement, i have always made it a point and made it  be an automatic action to see to it that all the machines we maintain are at their most top conditions. While roving around first thing in the morning, i  see that either students or the regular medal games addicts are the familiar faces everytime and become the very first present in our place. These people spend money inside not knowing and noticing that soner or later they cannot control anymore their spendings because of the nature of some amusement machines to provide fun to everyone.

Becoming fond of these games they don’t notice they have little by little become addicts of the said games. This i guess is the valued characteristic that makes people come to such places again and again. Another sad fact about amusements these days is that most big spenders in games where you can win tokens are the basic masses or the poor who as i could only guess at some sort of basis spend money in an undetermined amount because of the nature of the said games which is addicting as like gambling and drugs. I have even seen some of them who as their first timers in our place look a little bit ok but after spending quite some time for about months and even years of playing look none the less like those other people i could only describe as poor. Sometimes they would even just rely on asking for a piece from winning players.

Funny how but they couldn’t even notice at times how they look or i could perceive maybe that they don’t bother looking on the mirror and see what they have subjected their souls in valuing more at going to the place and be the first ones waiting for the place to open as if they are employees themselves. I guess the most important thing for them is having fun without taking into consideration the true concept and limits of it.

I just feel lucky enough that i get to play most every amusement machine in our branch because it is my job to see to it that players get the most out of their peso value. Not to mention that it includes my family who also enjoy my privileges being a regular employee of an amusement company having to play out the free token we have each month.

This is the reason why i feel that the amusement these days are sort of concentrating too much on providing fun through providing amusement machines that are for me not meant more on just to amuse people but also to earn a significant amount of income through it regardless of what it does to the persons who patronize it.

Of course people have their own choices to make and therefore it is also for them to feel whatever consequences it would partake to them later. I’m not saying that it in fact it is a bad business because if i would be given the chance to invest on such a business, one of my first choices would also be the amusement.

I am writing this blog post to the point that i do not intend to mislead people who might read it but instead make it clear that we all have our choices given the same circumstance and this industry has made me the person that i am now which is a better one than before. The industry has helped me in all aspects of my life, from finacial, personal, family and to becoming the more goal-oriented person that i am.

“Lukayo” Ritual Docu Had a TV Show Suspended, Featured by a Blogger

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I have been stalking lately some blogs that i find interesting a few days now and i found this treasure from a post made by a local blogger (Cyberbaguioboy). It’s quite a long story to tell about how i came to find this post that he made. I really found so much interest in it as a side of my persona shouts out the beauty in his blog post.

It was actually a documentary made by Howie Severino, a known journalist turned to be working lately for GMA network. I admit it was one of the most enjoyable moments i had in my life since i visited the firefly-infested freezing-waters of the “Majayjay Falls” with my wife and daughter just before the summer ended last May 2006. The smile that it left on my face never ceased to end until my hands found its way to make a post also about it.

It is one of natures best if i may describe it my way and many artists i believe would share the same thought with me. Featuring such a beauty and an art rolled down in one is indeed a very rare case and in this particular blog post a rare treasure. Right after having posted some comments on Cyberbaguioboy’s interesting blog posts, i at once had my wordpress dashboard open and got my itchy fingers typing about his story and the archived video he found in YouTube (this link featured all the videos of the lukayo ritual).

I adored the comment made by a national artist Ramon Obusan. What he said is very true not only to himself but to the beauty of the human anatomy. Likewise, i pity father Rudy Carabuena’s concept of the male penis as he relates to be  “bastos”, “immoral”… i’m sorry for him about his concept and i cannot blame him for it because he serves for the interest of the catholic church and for the catholics as a whole.

You can view the whole video footage that is kindly uploaded through YouTube by some concerned citizen. It could be viewed from the link i provided somewhere along this post paragraphs-(YouTube) link above.

Outsiders Selling Token Inside The Amusement Park to Earn A Living

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Lately, about two or three months ago, we have been experiencing problems on some outsiders who are selling tokens within the amusement park premises to regular customers. This alarming incident has gone too far because of the dramatic effect that it has inflicted upon the amusement industry incomes.

If the amusement used to sell about 15 to 16 thousand pesos per day before, it has gone down these days to only about 13 and at times up to only about 12 thousand. The reason of course is that the outsiders who are selling tokens are offering it up to only 3 pesos per piece instead of 6 pesos in our regular and authorized token outlet and cashier.

The amusement park owner who pays for the rent of the place including HR, technical, etc. , is loosing big deal here in terms of expected monetary revenues amounting up to about a maximum of 4 thousand a day. I have suggested some measures to lessen if not to remove this form of scavenging within our premises without worsening the situation and at the same time avoiding putting the lives of the staffs and technicians like me at stake. Unluckily, it never even shook those bastards and more so they continue to grow by the numbers.

Maybe its because of the widespread poverty within the neighboring vicinity residents near the malls and in the country as a whole, that’s why people are trying to compensate and become willing to risk their personality and individuality in exchange for money to buy food and needs.

We have encountered and seen them too many times before, and some of them we were even able to get banned from the amusement park premises but we first have to catch them in the act before we could do it and in some cases some of them even dare to threaten us because they only live within the vicinity squatters area. The atmosphere became tense and more and more it started to build up at higher levels through the days that pass by.

Some of them, because of the urgency even resorted to a more high-tech. way to sell tokens like the use of cellphones. They do this by getting the numbers of the regular customers that we have who can afford to enjoy going to the amusement park almost everyday and from there they can sell tokens at their desired price without us getting suspicious of it.

I happened to know this because i saw one of them actually making the act of texting and then immediately going outside as if in an emergency and to my surprise, when i followed the guy, i saw one of them doing the business while i’m looking at a distance. I didn’t confront him because i would otherwise be caught off guard by him telling me i’m out of my territory. I told the branch head about the incident later and leave it all up to him to do the proper actions.

Another way that these “bastards” do away with is getting tokens from regular customers by conniving with them in betting in some of our machines and while the game is being played, they do some sort of hard tapping in our machines which sometimes causes it to overpay in terms of tokens and from there they can get the commission from the winnings of the regular guest in the form of tokens which they later on sell. Funny how but this is absolutely true, because i was the one who caught the person doing the connivance and the hard tapping of the machine in actual doing the action while i was hiding behind another machine.

When i caught them doing it, i confronted them and got the outsider banned and i also talked to the customer warning him that if i caught him doing the same or related conniving act, i would have him charged with it according to our amusement park rules appearing in signage. Funny how but the regular customer didn’t even admit having to connive with the outsider and so all i did was to throw him an insulting grin while nodding sideways saying, “you have nothing to explain sir, my eyes told me everything i need to know” and it made him blurt out in red cheeks in shame in front of other players and customers.

Being able to ban some of those notorious outsiders selling tokens including their wives, we later on had a short time of peace and peace of mind. But lately, the same incident is starting to occur again and this is the time when we resorted to having our own security guard to handle the circumstances. Yes, i suggested to our branch manager that this time we have to hire the services of a professional security agency. Again, the situation, little by little started to synthesize the ripples and i expected it to die down in time. I’m pretty much sure after all that it also happens in other amusement parks in the most popular malls here in the Philippines as long as poverty is growing in the nearby areas and vicinity.

But poverty is really just around every corner i guess, that upon seeing those outsider-token sellers disappear one by one, it started to transfer the tension on the other branch that i used to handle also as Technical Department staff. We began seeing the situation upon observing that token sales is dropping in large amounts making us investigate the situation. The hypothesis was right, there were again outsiders selling tokens to other regular customers in our other branch but this time they have a far more different look in their face. This time they go in pairs as in husband and wife teaming up together and making harmony drinking cups of coffee that even we cannot buy and more so, they do it everyday (buying coffee at baker’s fair and eating cozy breads) take note!!!

They were eating cozy breads and drinking hot in-styro coffee everyday doing nothing the whole day staying in the amusement and spending their time almost from the opening up to the closing time. My god, doesn’t it even seem to bother them both about where to get what they will eat or where they will get the necessary finances for the wife who i think is about 7 to 8 months pregnant knowing that they both don’t even look like those weekend couples out for the amusement to spend some cash (no offense here)?

Tomorrow, i will have to face another challenging environment again and i hope that they all just go out and disappear. I hope to take with me lots of temper and guts and composure and confidence of not loosing my temper seeing them drinking the same coffee and eating the same cozy bread from baker’s fair. If it takes another thinking tactic to solve this problem, i wouldn’t have a second thought because i wouldn’t dare to compromise myself and my co-employees otherwise just because of this job although i really love it personally and furthermore, i believe it is the major concern of the management to look out for the safety and welfare of their employees.

Outsourcing Principles Applied to Amusement Park Services

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  • Basic

One of the basic principles in the outsourcing industry is acquiring services that are far more cheaper and cost-effective compared to just hiring in-house employees for your business. Through seo outsourcing, you can avail of privileges that enable you to concentrate more in the core mission of your company. The same basic principle applies to amusement services in terms of the technical category. I came up with this idea right after i wrote a post prior to this one because i am previously writing a post on my own other blog site about the “outsourcing industry” which is related to “Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing”.

  • Outsourcing Services

As i have said, the basic principles in the outsourcing industry can be applied to amusement services because i know that these days are truly one of the most difficult times that an amusement company could come up with the right personnel to do the technical repair aspects of machines. In fact, in my job, we have to train neophytes in the field of electronics for almost a year before we could come up with a skilled and qualified technician for our amusement machines. The shortage in technicians has led me to form a basic relation to my outsourcing posts before which is about gaining benefits from outsourced service providers. This is the most basic form of principle in the outsourcing industry that correlates and coincides with the need of every amusement company for skilled technicians.

  • What You Will Gain by  Outsourcing Technical Service

For those amusement owners of small businesses, if you cannot provide yourself  with the quality works of professional technicians, then, i suggest that you go for some outsourced services in terms of repairs of your machines. This way, you could also benefit in the implementation of such technique. That is, you could concentrate on other aesthetics and physical attributes to improve in sales. You could hire better management teams and staff and not have to worry much about the technical aspect. You can even allot much of that quality time and effort in marketing and promotion. You can go looking for some other ways to provide the quality services that your machines need in order to operate and add up to the income that you are not obtaining before. Lastly, you can say goodbye to to worries on purchasing the parts yourself or hiring a purchaser because most of the parts you are going to need can be provided by the technical outsourced service provider. This would depend of course to the contracts that you can agree with the other party.

  • Time, Possibilities and When to Back Out

These are just some of the possibilities that could open up for you and your business if you could find a way to implement the same basic principles that the outsourcing industry is currently following as a trend and revolutionary process to improve their business. Most of all the best benefit that you could achieve in outsourcing for a technical service is “TIME”. You could have all the time in the world to spend to more important things within your control to improve the return of investment in your business. It would really not be any loss for you if you try for once and if you don’t like the idea at all after some factual experience, then you could decide to back up and go for another way. The important thing is you can see what options you have other that feeling hopeless in terms of amusement machine repair is concerned.

After reading this post about the relevance and importance of the basic principle on the outsourcing industry and thought of how you can adopt it in your search for the amusement services that would fit your business, i’m pretty sure you’ll have more time watching your favorite movies, news and sports. You can even watch the live action on the NBA arena.

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