The Amusement General Meeting: “Be Creative” (theme)

August 11, 2006 at 3:46 pm | Posted in Fun at The Amusement Park, Philippine Amusement Park Industry | Leave a comment

There will be an upcoming Tom’s World Amusement General Meeting tentatively scheduled on August 16 for our ICC branch. There will be lots of fun including “free games” which the whole staff and team members are fond of and is looking forward.

Unluckily, it will only be for the company employees and no outsiders will be allowed. I’m pretty sure there will be a long line in the Tekken 5 game where i expect to be one just to defeat Jack and the others. I expect to be on practice tomorrow just to meet my target. Remember that “there can only be one” as in the line of the Highlander movie.

By the way, the theme for the said event is “be creative” as said by Ma’am Marge of the HR department. I still expect Sir Dennis to go in front and speak himself out but i guess he’ll be out of the picture by then and Ms. Esther Lim is expected to take over for the purpose. Am sure there’ll be lots of huzzes and fuzzes all around the place but i can only for now hope for the best for the General Meeting to turn out happy as everybody else is expecting.

There were also lots of new staffs from the redemption department and the operations(crew) department and i bet this will make the evening happier than before and more acquaintances are also expected because of the newbies. See you there…

Happy gen meet guys!!!


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