Amusement Management Revamp

August 11, 2006 at 4:42 am | Posted in Amusement Parks Jobs | Leave a comment

Recently, i never expected a thing like this to happen. My supervisor Dennis Oliveros got what he never really expected – being transferred to the Mall of Asia branch of Tom’s World Amusement.

The reason to this revamp is really off the record and only those elite skeletal forces from the Isetann Cinerama Complex branch are knowledgeable of including the South management team in operations. Rumor has it that the original cause of his transfer is about attitude problems and i believe there has been a long on-going battle for the position which he now holds as the branch manager of the said amusement. This quite creates a controversy and conspiracy happening within the ranking officials and management teams of the higher ends.

Currently, a newly opened branch was put to operation last May which had caused so much delays and sufferings in terms of the technical and operations matters. The technical department handled by yours truly, Sam Casuncad with another partner i can only describe as “Jack”. I love calling him by the name and it was me who got him called by it by our other team staffs.

I was able to read the memo passed on from the South HR team and management stating that it will be Ms. Esther Lim who will take over with the operations. She is now currently handling the redemption department and i believe that it will be a great challenge for her to manage the two departments as swift as she could but on the other end, i think it will be some sort of a difficulty with regards to managing the two departments at the same time. I hope she makes it though.

Who will then learn from this lesson? I bet it will be both Sir Dennis and Ma’am Esther at the same time because of the hidden agendas they both have in their minds on my own point of view. For sure it wil be very hard for her to handle and the same thing with Sir Dennis who will surely take another step up because of the new environment and people he will have to deal with although i could sense some of the learning process will be very compromising and challenging to both parties involved.

Sir Dennis on the other hand i’m sure will make it swift as he knows already most of the type of jobs that he does because he came from the rank and file position after all. The fact that he used to be a crew of the said amusement before will tend to make it easier for him to do the job. On the other hand, it will be much more difficult this time for Ms. Esther to do her job all at the same time because the requirement will be big deal and i say really big deal in terms of time, effort, devotion and expertise. Time, effort and devotion is no question with her but the expertise is i believe where she will have to compensate with and come up as a better team leader than the other.

All these happenings in the name of being human and prone to “hunger for power” and if i may say so, jealousy. I just hope they all make it not at our cost or my cost because if that happens, i will make sure they get what they deserve what they want.

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