Amusement Machine Repair, Service and Parts

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The status of the amusement industry in the Philippines is in its slowest rate of development, repairs and maintenance wise. Why have i come to this conclusion? It is simply because i believe that for having been a skilled and qualified amusement machine technician in a major participating amusement industry in the Philippines ( Tom’s World Amusement Corporation ) for almost three years now, i never saw such enormous flow of investment in terms of maintenance, repairs and service.

I can only attribute this expenditures to the quality of the imported amusement machines that mostly come from other neighboring Asian Countries. These surplus machines are mostly in a state where the previous owner has already earned a great deal of amount of cash maybe even triple or ten times the original price which means that they are the kind and type of machines that would require humongous investments in terms of repairs, maintenance and hard work for the Filipino skilled technicians like me.

The difficulty in repairing these machines has reached up to a level that if you are not as skiled as you have to be in repairing the said machines, you wouldn’t do any good for the industry in any way. I was really lucky that i do not belong to those who they call as “screw driver technicians” who came to be called as one because all they know as a tool for the technician is probably just a screw driver and presto, repairing becomes a forte.

Along my employment in the amusement industry, i learned by talking with other fellow technicians from our company and from other existing companies that venture in the same business is that repairs is really a hard earned profession these days because there is a great deal of deficit and shortage by the numbers in mostly every amusement places located in every mall here in the Philippines. Some small amusements even employ unqualified servicemen which later on leads to devastation and destruction and left – alone machines which to my point of view as i go around when properly maintained with the right finances would otherwise have been more profitable. This a far better option rather that just being junked while in state that it can still be acquiring a significant income. I pity those small amusements because they do not even seem to know or recognize the value of maintaining all amusement machines through what we call in our team of technically inclined personnel as “preventive maintainance“.

The owners of the said small amusements are content in taking for granted this basic need of any amusement machine knowing that their state and condition is as what i have mentioned before as third class or almost devastated. They do not seem to envision that by providing the proper maintenance and requirements of the said machines, they also earn a great deal of money and provide their business a higher return of investment. If only they realize this importance, then they would have a place for the growth of their business on a step by step basis.

For the benefit of those small amusement owners, i would like to offer our teams services for the right price of course but our service will only be available here in the Philippines. For specifics and details you can contact me on my mobile number  or PM or e-mail me at samcasuncadatyahoodotcom . The consultation is free of charge. You can also visit this site regularly because i provide some basic repair tips in some types of amusement machine you can find in the Philippines. We also offer services of purchasing parts and accessories of your choice because we have contacts that give us a pricing that is far more cheaper than what you can buy on regular electronics stores in Metro Manila.

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