Outsiders Selling Token Inside The Amusement Park to Earn A Living

August 13, 2006 at 3:59 pm | Posted in Amusement Customer Care, Philippine Amusement Park Industry | Leave a comment

Lately, about two or three months ago, we have been experiencing problems on some outsiders who are selling tokens within the amusement park premises to regular customers. This alarming incident has gone too far because of the dramatic effect that it has inflicted upon the amusement industry incomes.

If the amusement used to sell about 15 to 16 thousand pesos per day before, it has gone down these days to only about 13 and at times up to only about 12 thousand. The reason of course is that the outsiders who are selling tokens are offering it up to only 3 pesos per piece instead of 6 pesos in our regular and authorized token outlet and cashier.

The amusement park owner who pays for the rent of the place including HR, technical, etc. , is loosing big deal here in terms of expected monetary revenues amounting up to about a maximum of 4 thousand a day. I have suggested some measures to lessen if not to remove this form of scavenging within our premises without worsening the situation and at the same time avoiding putting the lives of the staffs and technicians like me at stake. Unluckily, it never even shook those bastards and more so they continue to grow by the numbers.

Maybe its because of the widespread poverty within the neighboring vicinity residents near the malls and in the country as a whole, that’s why people are trying to compensate and become willing to risk their personality and individuality in exchange for money to buy food and needs.

We have encountered and seen them too many times before, and some of them we were even able to get banned from the amusement park premises but we first have to catch them in the act before we could do it and in some cases some of them even dare to threaten us because they only live within the vicinity squatters area. The atmosphere became tense and more and more it started to build up at higher levels through the days that pass by.

Some of them, because of the urgency even resorted to a more high-tech. way to sell tokens like the use of cellphones. They do this by getting the numbers of the regular customers that we have who can afford to enjoy going to the amusement park almost everyday and from there they can sell tokens at their desired price without us getting suspicious of it.

I happened to know this because i saw one of them actually making the act of texting and then immediately going outside as if in an emergency and to my surprise, when i followed the guy, i saw one of them doing the business while i’m looking at a distance. I didn’t confront him because i would otherwise be caught off guard by him telling me i’m out of my territory. I told the branch head about the incident later and leave it all up to him to do the proper actions.

Another way that these “bastards” do away with is getting tokens from regular customers by conniving with them in betting in some of our machines and while the game is being played, they do some sort of hard tapping in our machines which sometimes causes it to overpay in terms of tokens and from there they can get the commission from the winnings of the regular guest in the form of tokens which they later on sell. Funny how but this is absolutely true, because i was the one who caught the person doing the connivance and the hard tapping of the machine in actual doing the action while i was hiding behind another machine.

When i caught them doing it, i confronted them and got the outsider banned and i also talked to the customer warning him that if i caught him doing the same or related conniving act, i would have him charged with it according to our amusement park rules appearing in signage. Funny how but the regular customer didn’t even admit having to connive with the outsider and so all i did was to throw him an insulting grin while nodding sideways saying, “you have nothing to explain sir, my eyes told me everything i need to know” and it made him blurt out in red cheeks in shame in front of other players and customers.

Being able to ban some of those notorious outsiders selling tokens including their wives, we later on had a short time of peace and peace of mind. But lately, the same incident is starting to occur again and this is the time when we resorted to having our own security guard to handle the circumstances. Yes, i suggested to our branch manager that this time we have to hire the services of a professional security agency. Again, the situation, little by little started to synthesize the ripples and i expected it to die down in time. I’m pretty much sure after all that it also happens in other amusement parks in the most popular malls here in the Philippines as long as poverty is growing in the nearby areas and vicinity.

But poverty is really just around every corner i guess, that upon seeing those outsider-token sellers disappear one by one, it started to transfer the tension on the other branch that i used to handle also as Technical Department staff. We began seeing the situation upon observing that token sales is dropping in large amounts making us investigate the situation. The hypothesis was right, there were again outsiders selling tokens to other regular customers in our other branch but this time they have a far more different look in their face. This time they go in pairs as in husband and wife teaming up together and making harmony drinking cups of coffee that even we cannot buy and more so, they do it everyday (buying coffee at baker’s fair and eating cozy breads) take note!!!

They were eating cozy breads and drinking hot in-styro coffee everyday doing nothing the whole day staying in the amusement and spending their time almost from the opening up to the closing time. My god, doesn’t it even seem to bother them both about where to get what they will eat or where they will get the necessary finances for the wife who i think is about 7 to 8 months pregnant knowing that they both don’t even look like those weekend couples out for the amusement to spend some cash (no offense here)?

Tomorrow, i will have to face another challenging environment again and i hope that they all just go out and disappear. I hope to take with me lots of temper and guts and composure and confidence of not loosing my temper seeing them drinking the same coffee and eating the same cozy bread from baker’s fair. If it takes another thinking tactic to solve this problem, i wouldn’t have a second thought because i wouldn’t dare to compromise myself and my co-employees otherwise just because of this job although i really love it personally and furthermore, i believe it is the major concern of the management to look out for the safety and welfare of their employees.


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