“Lukayo” Ritual Docu Had a TV Show Suspended, Featured by a Blogger

August 14, 2006 at 2:32 pm | Posted in Amusement Bonds With Nature | 2 Comments

I have been stalking lately some blogs that i find interesting a few days now and i found this treasure from a post made by a local blogger (Cyberbaguioboy). It’s quite a long story to tell about how i came to find this post that he made. I really found so much interest in it as a side of my persona shouts out the beauty in his blog post.

It was actually a documentary made by Howie Severino, a known journalist turned to be working lately for GMA network. I admit it was one of the most enjoyable moments i had in my life since i visited the firefly-infested freezing-waters of the “Majayjay Falls” with my wife and daughter just before the summer ended last May 2006. The smile that it left on my face never ceased to end until my hands found its way to make a post also about it.

It is one of natures best if i may describe it my way and many artists i believe would share the same thought with me. Featuring such a beauty and an art rolled down in one is indeed a very rare case and in this particular blog post a rare treasure. Right after having posted some comments on Cyberbaguioboy’s interesting blog posts, i at once had my wordpress dashboard open and got my itchy fingers typing about his story and the archived video he found in YouTube (this link featured all the videos of the lukayo ritual).

I adored the comment made by a national artist Ramon Obusan. What he said is very true not only to himself but to the beauty of the human anatomy. Likewise, i pity father Rudy Carabuena’s concept of the male penis as he relates to be  “bastos”, “immoral”… i’m sorry for him about his concept and i cannot blame him for it because he serves for the interest of the catholic church and for the catholics as a whole.

You can view the whole video footage that is kindly uploaded through YouTube by some concerned citizen. It could be viewed from the link i provided somewhere along this post paragraphs-(YouTube) link above.



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  1. I watched the whole video after this post and to my surprise, it is by far the most beautiful tradition/ritual i have ever witnessed in my whole life.

    Maybe because nobody would believe that in a world today full of malice and lust, a tradition such as the “lukayo” is still treasured by some locals here in the Philipines.

    Ang mga ngiti ko ay napalitan ng kalungkutan matapos kong mapanood ang dokyu. Siguro dahil alam ko na ang mga lola na kasama sa tradisyong iyon ay di maglalaon at papanaw na sa mundong ito.

    Isang tanong ang napadpad sa isip ko…”Sino ang papalit sa kanila”?

  2. thanks again for keeping on reading my blog, including my archives. I think I’ve forgotten about it until you brought it up. YouTube is now one of the top user-generated sites, with mySpace running second, I think. But it is nice to go haunting for stuff in YouTube. You’ll never know what you’ll find 🙂

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