Illegal Amusement Token Sellers Caught

August 27, 2006 at 2:12 pm | Posted in Philippine Amusement Park Industry | Leave a comment

Last Friday was actually my day off and the next day i arrived at work and started to do the usual talks about what happened while i was gone for my off. My co-technician Jack told me about an interesting occurrence in one of the branches that we handle as amusement technicians. Me being the technical head assumed that it was really one of the most important things that had happened at our branch .

Getting back to the original story, according to the acting branch head of our EGM branch, Sir Rommel, while he is standing by and looking around the place, two guys that are familiar to him appeared to be playing in his domain on the Indiana Jones machines. He never suspected the two guys until the security guard approached him about a certain commotion that another customer reported to him. That is, he actually saw two guys breaking the doors of one of our most popular amusement machine, “the indiana jones”. The customer who reported the scene was a reputable professor at the University of Santo Tomas in Espana.

When the incident was told to Sir Rommel, he at once asked the complainant if the persons he is talking about is the ones with what he described to be wearing the specific shirts. The complainant told him yes, and upon learning that it was those two guys he earlier saw playing regularly from our other branch, he fled to the other branch to see if those two guys are there. Not expecting, Sir, Rommel appeared in their front with him accompanying two more security guards of the mall and catching those two thieves on ground and red handed. The two dared him that he could not continue otherwise to file them a suit for what they did is not subject to the law and that matter angered the more Sir Rommel. Without the knowledge of the two guilty party, he already talked to the witness and convinced him to testify for the incident and he already had his blessings to testify if the case will push through.

Sad to say for those illegal token sellers and their other comrades, they are about to suffer a 3-6 year imprisonment for the case if convicted. Lucky us because this could be the start of a new era for the demolition of those illegal token sellers that has greatly affected our company’s earning these past few months or even years. We don’t really know how long they have been making this industry suffer by the thousands each month.

We just hope this is the start of having them all disappear not just literally but virtually from our amusement and also from other places and other amusements too.


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