Blogs and Getting Paid to Do What You Love

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Have you tried getting on in the SEO/SEM field and having a blog site to earn for your pocket daily and have enjoyments at the same time? You should try it for size specially for those who have an eye for writing about anything under the sun which you enjoy and love to discuss. All the while, i didn’t really know that there were things on the online world i could really get hooked on lately because i have been busy about promoting myself character on the current job that i do which is as an amusement technician.

It was just this month of May that i discovered that i can do what I love and at the same time enjoy the benefits that it has put up on my financial status at the same time. What i’m talking about is blogging and having a blog site that you can virtually write into without hesitation and second thoughts. I really love writing and i hope it’s just about time and not yet too late for me to develop this sort of new forte and income generating field that i got myself into lately with the help of my brother.

It all started just as some sort of SEO way of promoting our sites which is through a blog and writing in it. At first it was some sort of wondering whetever i can make it in this new field i got in but later on discovered that i do have the talent and the potential to make it beg in this industry and hopefully earn a significant amount of income through doing what i like the most-writing and blogging.

In the three months that i have been in the field, i never fail to discover certain things and many sorts of interesting facts about the SEO and SEM community and enjoying the truly delicious and juicy learning that it has add up to my personal character and as an individual as a whole.

There are various ways to obtain yourself a “FREE” blog site of your own where you can write most about anything you like at all under the sun. There is Blogger, WordPress, Technoratti, Bloggernity and others that you can go and research on in the web if you have a regular internet connection at home.

Imagine doing away with time consumption right in the convenience of your own house and all the while doing it with all of your heart because it is what you really love and like. Go ahead and sign up for an account in the links that i provided in this post and enjoy the benefits that increase both our financial, moral and personal preferences.

Get That Rest you Need-123 bucks in Laguna Falls?

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This time i would like to share to you ,my future readers of this blog site an experience i couldn’t get out of my mind to this day in one of the best laguna resorts. Just in time before it started to rain,my family(my daughter,wife and i) got in to a place i only saw on the internet. This was due to my curiosty to viewing some of the most ameable places here in the Philippines—waterfalls—and i stumbled upon a treasure. Yes!!! A treasure….

  • Taytay Falls ^^—–^^

Never had my eyes feasted in such a beauty,although i couldn’t really remember the exact numeric value as to how far the place is from Metro Manila but i’d like to tell you for a fact that you won’t even think of it when you get there. We only spent 123 bucks for a bus ride from Buendia to get to the town proper where it belonged,Sta Cruz Laguna. From there,we took 2 more jeepney rides and a trike.

Along the way, we saw numerous fields filled with tomatoes, ampalaya, sayote and beans- Majayjay’s season vegies.’Twas realy very unforgettable an experience. My daughter and wife swore they’d return with me some time October to catch the “lansones fever”. We heard its 20 bucks a kilo at most in there (50-90 in Manila) but its not the price but the picking….yes,you’ll be the one to pick it yourself at your choice. A coconut so fresh only costs 10 bucks a piece. There were lots of horses there but sad to say the locals don’t even bother to make it one of the attractions as renting horses for the visitors, could make extra money out of it than just using them to transport vegies. Unluckily, a short horseback rideis what i look for  but my wife didn’t approve of it.

The entrance—20 bucks/head

Yes, only 20 bucks per head compared to those hot springs as they claim…..ranging from 100 to 200 or so /head. And comparing…Wheeew,the water is crystal clear and naturally freezing “as in smokin” unlike those filled with who knows what. Rent a tent to sleep near the running water? Man, only 150 bucks overnight, 350 bucks for the room, so big for the three of us with double deckers, your own c.r. and a fan. The bed? complete with sheets and pillows at the price….really nice.

  • The people

When me, my daughter, my wife took a walk in the afternoon, we passed by a beautiful native bamboo house and an old woman let us in and showed us the house, the plants and gave her a bunch of fresh papayas and chili for “sinigang” for free. Me and my daughter took a walk while she is having the conversation with the oldies in the house and we passed by a sayote plantation. The owner, an old man saw us and gave us some sayote(4pcs.) again–”free”, upon hearing us adore his vegies. That same afternoon we walked in a field full of near-ripe tomatoes….. bought 2 kls. at 40 bucks uuuuhhhhhh,,, just like a dream.

  • The site ((((((((((((

The parking area is filled with pomelo trees with fruits as big as a baby’s head. At night? The site of fireflies roaming around the trees along the cliff on the path to the falls about a kilometer long is the best i’ve seen since i can’t remember anymore. One of the sites i have always longed seeing since i read the article. Overlooking from the room we rented is a view of the mountain full of mist and fog in the early morning sun. Sorry we weren’t able to take any actual picture of the unexplainable beauty.

  • The next time

The next time you plan to escape from that hectic busy schedule you have in your SEO/SEM life……well,, i would recommend the place, 123 bucks away. Just don’t forget that you’re there to enjoy and savour the fresh air and serenity of the place and not to drink,,,, just like some bastards i saw, “one actually got his eyelid sliced caused by a broken bottle when he slipped due to drinking”.

Psyching Up….”My Milk Never Gets Cold”

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Allow me to share special words of wisdom as my post today. Might not mean anything to you but surely means a lot for me. Each morning as my wife “Ana” makes me a cup of milk, i remember to always drink it while it’s hot.

Today is the first time i realized that my milk got cold and last night was really hell in here because the rain made our place flood almost waist-high. Yes, there are places on earth like ours when in Africa it never even rains and water is scarce.

Back to the milk thing……when i noticed my milk got cold this time, one thing got in mind to an instant——I’m in love,—— not with somebody, but with my newly found art of expression//////-this blog site-///// that i write in.

Thanks to my brother,he got me into this and i’m sure were gonna share lots of this every next time of my life in my desktop. Man, i really enjoy it much more than drinking my hot cup of milk (i don’t drink coffee now, it’s bad for the health) every morning.

Now as i write this post, my wife asked me for lunch, the usual before i go to work, and funny how but she noticed my silence as she asks me for it, no response at all, indicating a great sense of concentration i developed somewhere along the way since i got in to blogging and writing and since i can never even remember when until now.

Ohhhhh weeeeeeewwww…food is getting cold again…what a day…

Shoe Money, As I Put My Money On The Shoe…

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This would be just a brief story i’d like to share in my page and in behalf of wearing a smile each day i try to view my “favorites” listings.

  • allow this guy to please himself

Hilarious…yes i find shoemoney’s site a good one just because i owe him that smile i wear on my face each time i see his cute little logo. This is aside from the ‘S’ on the bald man’s shirt which also points to my name—”SAM”.

I remember when i was still about a 7 year old cute little guy that i am, when i see the word “shoe money” because it reminds me of the “kuripot” (excessive thriftiness) person that i am. I used to really as in reallly put my money in my shoe which i thought that time nobody would even dare try to look at because of its physical look and attribute…(very old and thrashly-looking).  ”? Try it for SIZE ?”. Helps you get away with that excess money with your wife…Sssshhhh..

  • the bald guy

Oh how the bald guy reminds me so much of myself,,really. My friends and playmates used to call me “bald” (kalbo) and for that i always get mad because i hate to admit it and from the sound of the word itself as they point on me,,,,,Ooooohhh gets on my nerve. But that of course was before, coz now i find skin heads and styles like it (NOT A STYLE AT ALL BECAUSE THERE IS NO HAIR TO STYLE) quite cool and comfortable.

  • my imagination

I could imagine myself as the guy stands beside his most precious “hummer“- as he calls it. And know what,,,pretty neat eh…coz i play around with the thought that it is me standing right there…

Sorry for being a little nostagic this time, but i’d like to share  a liitle secret being so——”do you know that at 36, my co-workers in the amusement had always mistaken me to be a 27?  Cool, eh,,,—Really cool.Take that big leap.

Me, Myself and my Destiny

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  • Time

Each night i try to at least visit some blog sites that my  brother has referred to me. Some i found interesting at first, others provided links that i visited and somehow got stuck coz of interesting topics. Although i find it a little bit hard to cope up with my hectic sched because i had to attend work in the morning and the only time i get to like sneaking into some blogs is after my battered tired body is home at night. I always wonder why some bloggers claim that they earn as much as $10k, some $5k, some $3k, etcetera……etcetera….when all they talk about is some phony nothings that i don’t really understand up to now why the hell talk about those stuff…

  • Buzzzzzz

One way or the other, i found myself suddenly buzzing up those sites i later on regularly visit because they provided for my needs. Many have helped me write my posts in my own blog site that my brother has initiated for me. Mostly i found interesting as to their own aspect and character. Though some i see only as senseless still had me buffled to be filled with comments.

  • Neo Questions

I guess i really have much to learn after all. Anyway, What i really liked about this new venturing field i got myself into is the need for unlimited knowledge which is everywhere i go. I read this and that and the links begin to clog on my desktop. I ask myself+++ am i right now like “Neo” of the movie “Matrix” who sought for the white rabbit but ended up finding more confusion as to his own identity and why the urge to follow his instincts???

  • About

No is the answer..Period. I am myself and if ever i choose to go for the white rabbit, i’ll make sure to not only find it but to even up my curiousity with my never ending hunger for more knowledge in this field SEO (Search engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). I say this is the time, this is the venue, these are the people, and this is where i am going to be.

  • Quotes

Nobody is too old for anything……   (persevere)

No road is lost without a trail……      (follow the road)

No knowledge that cannot be gained…….(think,ask)

No endings are without beginnings……(i am inbetween)

  • Destiny

”Finally,,,,,,, No journey i will take without preparations……”

This is the only reason i hunger for facts to fill up this space inside of me.

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