Get That Rest you Need-123 bucks in Laguna Falls?

September 2, 2006 at 12:21 am | Posted in Amusement Bonds With Nature | Leave a comment

This time i would like to share to you ,my future readers of this blog site an experience i couldn’t get out of my mind to this day in one of the best laguna resorts. Just in time before it started to rain,my family(my daughter,wife and i) got in to a place i only saw on the internet. This was due to my curiosty to viewing some of the most ameable places here in the Philippines—waterfalls—and i stumbled upon a treasure. Yes!!! A treasure….

  • Taytay Falls ^^—–^^

Never had my eyes feasted in such a beauty,although i couldn’t really remember the exact numeric value as to how far the place is from Metro Manila but i’d like to tell you for a fact that you won’t even think of it when you get there. We only spent 123 bucks for a bus ride from Buendia to get to the town proper where it belonged,Sta Cruz Laguna. From there,we took 2 more jeepney rides and a trike.

Along the way, we saw numerous fields filled with tomatoes, ampalaya, sayote and beans- Majayjay’s season vegies.’Twas realy very unforgettable an experience. My daughter and wife swore they’d return with me some time October to catch the “lansones fever”. We heard its 20 bucks a kilo at most in there (50-90 in Manila) but its not the price but the picking….yes,you’ll be the one to pick it yourself at your choice. A coconut so fresh only costs 10 bucks a piece. There were lots of horses there but sad to say the locals don’t even bother to make it one of the attractions as renting horses for the visitors, could make extra money out of it than just using them to transport vegies. Unluckily, a short horseback rideis what i look for  but my wife didn’t approve of it.

The entrance—20 bucks/head

Yes, only 20 bucks per head compared to those hot springs as they claim…..ranging from 100 to 200 or so /head. And comparing…Wheeew,the water is crystal clear and naturally freezing “as in smokin” unlike those filled with who knows what. Rent a tent to sleep near the running water? Man, only 150 bucks overnight, 350 bucks for the room, so big for the three of us with double deckers, your own c.r. and a fan. The bed? complete with sheets and pillows at the price….really nice.

  • The people

When me, my daughter, my wife took a walk in the afternoon, we passed by a beautiful native bamboo house and an old woman let us in and showed us the house, the plants and gave her a bunch of fresh papayas and chili for “sinigang” for free. Me and my daughter took a walk while she is having the conversation with the oldies in the house and we passed by a sayote plantation. The owner, an old man saw us and gave us some sayote(4pcs.) again–”free”, upon hearing us adore his vegies. That same afternoon we walked in a field full of near-ripe tomatoes….. bought 2 kls. at 40 bucks uuuuhhhhhh,,, just like a dream.

  • The site ((((((((((((

The parking area is filled with pomelo trees with fruits as big as a baby’s head. At night? The site of fireflies roaming around the trees along the cliff on the path to the falls about a kilometer long is the best i’ve seen since i can’t remember anymore. One of the sites i have always longed seeing since i read the article. Overlooking from the room we rented is a view of the mountain full of mist and fog in the early morning sun. Sorry we weren’t able to take any actual picture of the unexplainable beauty.

  • The next time

The next time you plan to escape from that hectic busy schedule you have in your SEO/SEM life……well,, i would recommend the place, 123 bucks away. Just don’t forget that you’re there to enjoy and savour the fresh air and serenity of the place and not to drink,,,, just like some bastards i saw, “one actually got his eyelid sliced caused by a broken bottle when he slipped due to drinking”.


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