Psyching Up….”My Milk Never Gets Cold”

September 2, 2006 at 12:18 am | Posted in Philippine Amusement Park Industry | Comments Off on Psyching Up….”My Milk Never Gets Cold”

Allow me to share special words of wisdom as my post today. Might not mean anything to you but surely means a lot for me. Each morning as my wife “Ana” makes me a cup of milk, i remember to always drink it while it’s hot.

Today is the first time i realized that my milk got cold and last night was really hell in here because the rain made our place flood almost waist-high. Yes, there are places on earth like ours when in Africa it never even rains and water is scarce.

Back to the milk thing……when i noticed my milk got cold this time, one thing got in mind to an instant——I’m in love,—— not with somebody, but with my newly found art of expression//////-this blog site-///// that i write in.

Thanks to my brother,he got me into this and i’m sure were gonna share lots of this every next time of my life in my desktop. Man, i really enjoy it much more than drinking my hot cup of milk (i don’t drink coffee now, it’s bad for the health) every morning.

Now as i write this post, my wife asked me for lunch, the usual before i go to work, and funny how but she noticed my silence as she asks me for it, no response at all, indicating a great sense of concentration i developed somewhere along the way since i got in to blogging and writing and since i can never even remember when until now.

Ohhhhh weeeeeeewwww…food is getting cold again…what a day…


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