Shoe Money, As I Put My Money On The Shoe…

September 2, 2006 at 12:15 am | Posted in Philippine Amusement Park Industry | Leave a comment

This would be just a brief story i’d like to share in my page and in behalf of wearing a smile each day i try to view my “favorites” listings.

  • allow this guy to please himself

Hilarious…yes i find shoemoney’s site a good one just because i owe him that smile i wear on my face each time i see his cute little logo. This is aside from the ‘S’ on the bald man’s shirt which also points to my name—”SAM”.

I remember when i was still about a 7 year old cute little guy that i am, when i see the word “shoe money” because it reminds me of the “kuripot” (excessive thriftiness) person that i am. I used to really as in reallly put my money in my shoe which i thought that time nobody would even dare try to look at because of its physical look and attribute…(very old and thrashly-looking).  ”? Try it for SIZE ?”. Helps you get away with that excess money with your wife…Sssshhhh..

  • the bald guy

Oh how the bald guy reminds me so much of myself,,really. My friends and playmates used to call me “bald” (kalbo) and for that i always get mad because i hate to admit it and from the sound of the word itself as they point on me,,,,,Ooooohhh gets on my nerve. But that of course was before, coz now i find skin heads and styles like it (NOT A STYLE AT ALL BECAUSE THERE IS NO HAIR TO STYLE) quite cool and comfortable.

  • my imagination

I could imagine myself as the guy stands beside his most precious “hummer“- as he calls it. And know what,,,pretty neat eh…coz i play around with the thought that it is me standing right there…

Sorry for being a little nostagic this time, but i’d like to share  a liitle secret being so——”do you know that at 36, my co-workers in the amusement had always mistaken me to be a 27?  Cool, eh,,,—Really cool.Take that big leap.


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