Ituloy AngSulong and SEO Strategies for Link Building

November 27, 2006 at 6:07 am | Posted in Philippine Amusement Park Industry, Search Engine Optimization/Marketing | 2 Comments

It’s almost halfway since the Ituloy Angsulong SEO keyword ranking contest has started, but has anyone really learned about the lessons of it? Since its opening announcement last October, i have learned various important strategies to unleash for the marketing jobs that i have been recieving from outsourced jobs sent to me by a prestigious SEM Consulting Firm here in the Philippines (SEM-pros Philippines). Allow me to expose some of the link building strategies that i have noticed to come up along with my everyday observations as the Ituloy Angsulong keyword ranking contest continues.

  • In SEO Time is Truly of an Essence:

This might sound repetitive to most SEO personality, a veteran or a newbie alike. As i have said before, this is just my observation in relation to the ongoing Ituloy Angsulong SEO contest.

Since i was present at the actual place where the contest announcement happened, i noticed one important factor that night “time is truly essential”. The situation goes like this… a guy from a distance after the announcement of the contest keyword has made an important move which i happened to see with my own eye. From his gesture, he really looked eager and on the big wait for the contest keyword to be announced because as soon as the keyword is out in the projector screen, he opted to send a text message probably to his coleague who is also waiting for the feed to be able to be the first to make the announcement probably through a blog about the details on the SEO contest.

The important thing to realize in this situation is that whatever it is that you are planning to do (specially in (SEO), you have to have that sense of urgency to start at the very second. Remember that split second differences may not mean a lot to others in other terms but in SEO, it means everything.

  • SEO Killer’s Instinct:

Don’t get confused about the wordings in this phrase, it simply means that in order to become one of the successful SEO in the web, you must have this character and it means that you have to be alert and always updated about the latest happenings in the SEO community. This is one of the best weapons to use in unleashing a powerful link building campaign. Being the first is always equivalent to being the best and it is everything specially if you are speaking of marketing aspects in the web.

If you have something worth for your strategy, don’t hesitate, do it at once before you find out that somebody else has got it out and is using it in the web. Remember that everything spreads out quickly in the IT and SEO information community. You have to always have that killer’s instinct and always strive to be the first and the best, according the 22 Laws of Marketing.

  • SEO Contest Monitoring:

Did you know that the best strategies in link building and SEO knowledge are abundant in any SEO contest there is in the web? Yes it is true because if you notice the datas and different details that abound in every SEO contest participating sites, you will see that ” it is where the largest pool of answers, clues and and proofs to experiments and questions lie “. For example, in a SEO keyword ranking contest, you will see what the different participants are capable of doing and if you will just visit those sites that they have used in joining SEO contests, you will see most every information you will ever need when it comes to the behavior of search engines, content size indexing limits of SE’s, content relevance issues, the old keyword stuffing technique, the reverse keyword use and its effects to SE indexing, the site age factor, the directory submissions factor, feeds submission, article submission, RSS and other feeds, relevant sites linking, inbound and outbound links and its effects, bad link neighborhoods, black hat techniques, white hat popular techniques and other link building techniques. They have all the actual answers to the most common FAQs any webmaster could ever think of.

Summing up all in all, the three techniques that i have discussed in this post are of course all relevant with respect to link building strategies and that the most important of the three strategies to use is the monitoring of every SEO contest you can find in the web. In your visits to sites that are involved in the contests, be sure to make a data sheet of sites to track, the changes that you see and notice along the way and the importance of the data should all be kept and studied carefully. This could provide you and your SEO link building strategies hunting the best results that you will ever need in the future and in the business and websites that you manage.

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