Amusement Christmas Party

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We have recently finished celebrating our company christmas party last December 7, 2006 and the theme we have been introduced to is “setting up the trend for a new standard”. According to our corporate president and officers, the theme is a first on its target for almost 17 years of getting prosperous in the amusement industry. Opening up a lot of other branches in many prestigious malls in the Philippines, “Tom’s World Amusement Corporation Philippines” has finally reached an impact on continuing the growth for the amusement industry in the whole of Asia and particularly in the Philippines.

A recent amusement branch had opened geared to be the first of its kind as part of the target of opening a series of other quality amusement park in the country. It was located at the Robinson’s Place Galleria dubbed as themed park amusement within a mall’s vicinity. The Tom’s World Amusement Corporation has long aimed at establishing this type of amusement and is planning to open up more for the enjoyment and satisfaction of the Philippine archipelago amusement fanatics. The Amusement Industry has always had plans like this for a long time and this is just the start of a new generation of themed parks for the Amusement Industry.

The Tom’s World Amusement elite board of directors had promised to the employees that the coming of next year will be devoted to the construction of more amusement parks with more quality amusement machines and and playing gears for the total enjoyment of the avid amusement customers and fanatics here in the Philippines and in the local malls therein.

With the celebration of the Tom’s World Amusement party, the different board of directors and high ranking officers have joined in giving a total amusement far from the branches that the employees handle and work with. This total amusement that i am talking about is giving more total cash prizes for the officer’s population to enjoy and aim for to be drawn the whole evening. They have provided first class foods at the Gloria Maris Sea Food Restaurant ranging from crabs, seaweeds, century egg, lapu-lapu fish, pata tim, noodles, sea food omelet, sliced cold cuts and deserts to complete up the variety of first class food exclusively provided for the regular and probationary employees only.

The evening is also full of prizes coming from the different parts and accessories suppliers of Tom’s World Amusement Corporation Philippines. Nobody have gone home without a prize in their hand as like me, i got a total cash prize of three thousand pesos as a result of the raffle draw. The giving away of cash prizes is actually the highlight of the evening of each year’s celebration of the amusement park christmas party. There was also a contest for the regular dancers and also for the non regulars that joined. First prize is at 5 thousand pesos, second prize is at 3 thousand and the third prize is at 2 thousand pesos cash all in all.

The owner and chairman of the Tom’s World Taiwan Mr. Henry Lee had given a total of 83 thousand pesos alone for the evening raffle of cash prizes and another 83 thousand pesos more for the victim of the typhoon “Reming” that claimed hundreds of lives as part of his concern to the Philippines and also to thank the country for supporting his company.

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