When Amusements Run Out of Customers

April 9, 2007 at 2:38 am | Posted in Amusement Customer Care, Fun at The Amusement Park, Philippine Amusement Park Industry | Leave a comment

This summer, most of the amusement parks and small amusements here in the Philippines are running out of the regular student customers that used to visit the amusement for the much needed short breaks from school. Yes, students are only some of the many avid and regular visitors of most amusements here in the Philippine Amusement Parks that abound in most of the metro malls and famous venues like the SM mall series in the whole of Metro Manila.

Since almost 75 % of the amusement visitors are students, then, they may at least make up the 75 % margin of the total income of the small and big amusement parks that depend on those students who regularly visit the amusement parks for short fun they sometimes need as breaks from hectic school schedules, term papers, assignments and examinations.

Setting aside, since summer is already here, these big amusements that depend on getting the income that they need in order to make it to the qouta margins of their income expectations, they apply some techniques that get the attention of those families with which they get the income support they need to survive when the students are out of the picture. These are the amusement marketing promotions that they put up just to generate the extra attention that their amusement parks need in order to cope up with the missing amusement visitors they get their regular income from.

Marketing techniques include and vary from singing contests, promo incorporation with other companies such as fast foods, video rental stalls, theaters, and within amusement machines promos. These promotions have been effective throughout the other schemes that they sometimes use just to get out from the brink of running out of customers and regular amusement visitors.

As i have mentioned, aside from the outside promos that they use to attract amusement visitors, those who can afford giving big prizes for singing contests do win the attention of regular singing fans that wants to sing out loud about their talents and this is one of the regular amusement visitor-pooling that is as effective as giving food to hungry fishes in the pond.

Another regular promotion of those amusements in malls are the promotions that they give with their amusement machines. Such good examples of this promotion is the one token two credit scheme. Through this one token two credit scheme most amusement parks attract customers to their parks and at the same time they get to have them play the amusement machines that does not get much players with.

Although i have seen this scheme in most amusement parks and amusement machines in many metro mall amusements, this is still by far as effective as any other amusement promotions because the Filipino amusement fanatics are all looking forward to seeing promotions and sale and many discounts. Filipinos just love taking a peek at these schemes and having a try at them.


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