The Old SEO Bus by masterofthe

July 5, 2008 at 6:08 am | Posted in Search Engine Optimization/Marketing | Leave a comment

Thanks to WordPress for Giving Me a  2nd Chance

Today, I was surprised that wordpress allowed me to post once again in this long ago favorite blog of mine. I changed literally everything in this blog and plans to do more because I wasn’t able to finish the process. I guess what I’ll leave are the old posts that I have way back from being an amusement blog and now into an SEO outsourcing blog. I was really happy to have gained back my access and I would like to thank WordPress for doing so because I miss this blog of mine and promise not to use it against my preferences so that I won’t get penalized once again.

Masterofthe Joins Busby SEO Challenge in Australia

I was known in the SEO community as masterofthe and this is why the title. I would love to as I really feel happy for this post have my name under this post. (sorry for that as I am just excited). I started by changing the theme to a Matt Cutts so that I will be remembered as an engineer too, but only in the amusement where I used to work. Now I am excited that I am turning this amusement blog into an SEO/SEM and link building blog and I am going to register this to the Busby SEO Challenge contest today only if I see this post rank well in  the results. If not, I won’t anymore. Just a post to perhaps help our original Busby SEO Contest entry. I am in a team but if this will get out fine, I will also promote this blog.

Changing Overall Look and Content of this Blog

I haven’t changed yet the navigation whereas, I prioritized changing the look and the title tag as well as the description. I would love to see how powerful this blog turns in the future because I believe a 2-year old blog such as this will make it big in the SERPs come a month or two more of continued posting here.

Taking the Busby SEO Contest Challenge In Me

So let’s just change the topic and go the original purpose of changing the overall aspects of this blog. i want this to become and SEO blog because it is in the first place what I really wanted in the first place. Busyby SEO Challenge contest, here I come. I just wish that masterofthe will make it to the top 10 of the results soon after this post because if that happens, it proves only 1 thing. I can make it and this blog still has all the strength that it needs to topple the odds.

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