The Cebu SEO Contest is Ending

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Yes! The Cebu SEO contest is nearly on its end. It will happen this September of the first week according to the contest organizer. It is also getting hotter each day as the end nears because all participants who are on the top 10 are really working their way to the top.

One thing I noticed as I sign in to my Google Accounts while handling some data analysis on my client sites, I see a different set of result. This result on the Cebu SEO contest is very much different from the result if you are not logged in with your Google Accounts. Although I ma not really sure why, I am pretty sure that I heard about this a long time ago when results while you are logged in are far different from the results when you are not logged on in your Google Accounts. Odd eh, but you can try it for size if you like.

Cebu SEO and Link Builders Philippines

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I am not actually a Cebuano nor a Cebu SEO. The trick with the title tag above is to see if this can get my blog somewhere where it should belong in the results of the Cebu SEO Contest. This is something that I have to do to see something that I need to see in order to prove something else. Well, this is another one of those crazy SEO experiments that I am looking in to.

I want to learn a lot about how the search engines behave without the use of redirects and so one so this is a simple set up, just perfect for seeing how things will go. I love SEO experiments and I love SEO as a career although I am not that good at it yet. I am a learner, a fast learner especially if I have the right resources. I know what I want and for me that is what is important in order to learn more with respect to SEO.

I may not be the best there is but I know that I will get there soon. I have all the time in the world which is all I need in order to be what I want to be. I have the resources although not much of the skills. Skills in SEO can be learned and this is why I am always on the lookout for chances to widen my experience with the use of observation. For me it is my most powerful tool in SEO. When you have time and you have consciousness in what is going around you plus the desire to understand what is happening, then time will come that you will be where you want to be. That is my goal and that is my principle.

A New Philippines SEO Contest – Cebu SEO Contest

August 16, 2008 at 7:21 am | Posted in Search Engine Optimization/Marketing | Leave a comment

Another SEO contest has been launched a few days ago. It is dubbed as the Cebu SEO Contest and it is open to all Filipino SEO and local webmasters in the Philippines. I didn’t really get a hold on the actual rules of the SEO contest but I would love to announce it here using this Philippines Internet Review blog of mine.

I hope this blog post about the Cebu SEO Contest can help in a way to widen the exposure of the said contest to help others know about it and have them join also to make it more challenging and fun for all. I also want to salute the organizers for initiating such SEO contest here in the Philippines to start off with developing webmasters out there in the Visayas region and help widespread the SEO industry.

Good luck to all the participants.

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