Capiz Shells for Ornaments and the Treasures of Capiz

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Capiz shells are probably the most beautiful raw material for an indoor or outdoor ornament making. There are a lot of Capiz made decors and designs that made it to the world market today and knowing that these shells indeed came from Capiz itself, it makes me as a Filipino to be proud of myself having such a captivating treasure to be proud of.

There are actually a thousand and one of those sea treasures that you can find in Capiz alone not to mention more than 1000 island that have their own seas that surround them. The Philippines is truly a treasure of the orient seas and is gifted to be surrounded by water which gave the country an edge over communication using the sea trade from the early times of the galleon trade to today’s nuclear armaments of the U.S. in the country.

There are also a lot of quality marine species that you can find in Capiz, an island in the Panay group of islands located in the Philippines. This is the same reason why Capiz was also known for it being the seafood capital of the Philippines and many locals come to feast on this when they arrive in the island for a vacation or a leisure trip to relax from a week or a month long stress from work.

There are also a lot of tourists that come regularly in the island making it one of the most targeted real estate in Panay. Thre surely are more than these stuff to discover over the island especially if you come over in summer where you will also see a lot of kids and teen agers frying in the sun doing skim boarding in the shallow shores of the different beaches and resorts. Come to Capiz and you will be amazed at how the island treats tourists and visitors from the people to the featured places and traditions.

The Launching of Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb

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Link Builders Philippines is declaring full support to the launching of the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb static site SEO contest launched by Alfredo Palconit with major sponsor, Branders.Com. This by far is the biggest SEO contest launched locally here in the Philippines and I would love build links if I only have an entry to the said contest but so far there is none.

I wish good luck to all the participants as I step aside for the best SEOs here in the Philippines who I think will battle it our for the top 10 spots in all major 3 search engines. This is going to be one of the best learning experience for and SEO and link builder here in the Philippines as the venue if for static sites only and there is no room for making mistakes in onpage optimization because it might just be the perfect time for the most industrious link builders to be there while there are only a few indexed pages to now since the launching of the said contest.

Captivating Capiz New SEO Contest

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There is an new SEO contest in the Philippines dubbed as “captivating Capiz” seo contest and I joined in this time to win. i will not give in till the last drop of link I get out there who will give me the edge over my competitors. This is a win-win situation and I do not intend to loose even if I have a lot of work to do for clients I have.

i am a link builder and I want to get all my entries to the top of the results come October 26 which is the target date of the end of the contest. This is of course very obvious to promote Capiz as the land to come to when you visit the Philippines. I am pro Capiz not just because some of my native relatives reside the Panay Island but because I really love the place and me and my family is looking forward to visit there in Capiz if we have the time next year. Capiz is captivating indeed and there is no doubt about that issue here.

The only question that remains however in the mind of the participants is who will win the captivating Capiz SEO contest?

Link Builders are Growing in the Philippines

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Since I have worked on a lot of projects for link building here in the Philippines, I found out so many possibilities as well as many opportunities that can come along with this type of webmaster services. In the Philippines, there are just a few of those who really know how to do link building and most new link builders would only allow a small space to learn about the subject matter.

The reason for this could be behind the fact that the internet battle in the Philippines has not yet grown into something like what they have there in the United States or in some parts of the world. We grew stale here in the Philippines with respect to link building and we suffered for that instance indeed. But today, with the way that the internet world has made easier link building, there are a lot of ways to learn more and more about it and so it literally became easier for people to even do it themselves spending just a few couple of hours working on their own.

Link building has never been this easy unlike in the early days when it is really hard to get links to an inner page because even the link directory owners would not allow. The link building industry indeed grew so fast and has revolutionized the way that the search engines allow linking as a healthy practice for many webmasters not just here in the Philippines but also in most parts of the world. With the way Google is allowing link building today, there is a lot more to this industry today than yesterday

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