Captivating Capiz New SEO Contest

September 10, 2008 at 8:17 am | Posted in Search Engine Optimization/Marketing, seo contest | 3 Comments

There is an new SEO contest in the Philippines dubbed as “captivating Capiz” seo contest and I joined in this time to win. i will not give in till the last drop of link I get out there who will give me the edge over my competitors. This is a win-win situation and I do not intend to loose even if I have a lot of work to do for clients I have.

i am a link builder and I want to get all my entries to the top of the results come October 26 which is the target date of the end of the contest. This is of course very obvious to promote Capiz as the land to come to when you visit the Philippines. I am pro Capiz not just because some of my native relatives reside the Panay Island but because I really love the place and me and my family is looking forward to visit there in Capiz if we have the time next year. Capiz is captivating indeed and there is no doubt about that issue here.

The only question that remains however in the mind of the participants is who will win the captivating Capiz SEO contest?



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  1. Hi… you really have a good content about ‘Captivating Capiz’ SEO contest. And I would like to ask an apology if some of your contents where copied by some of my students, an article about ‘Captivating Capiz’ was part of their requirements on their midterm exam on Technical Writing. We are still learning how to blog and optimize content. It so happen, that there was a contest that would really promote Capiz through Search Engine Optimization, and with this, we want to experience and apply SEO learned from experts like you and others, and learn how to write articles through blogging. We are not participating in this contest, what we just want is to promote Capiz, and if possible put articles about different information about Capiz, its municipalities and Roxas City that could really help other participants and visitors know more about captivating Capiz. That is why students are doing research about this. We are from the academe, and students are learning out of this activity, but we are not tolerating such kind of activity (copy articles from other site). We don’t have any personal grudge on you, ‘coz we don’t know you personally, and we are not connected to bleuken or any promoter of this contest. It so happen that you have a good content. Pweng bee is sharing her knowledge to us about blogging ‘coz she has the experience, skills and attitude, and with this I am supporting her entry to this contest by putting a link to her site. My blog was created not for the purpose of the contest, but to a) promote Capiz, b) learn how to blog c) apply and teach the skills and techniques on SEO and lastly d) learn from the experts and win friends. Thanks once again and Good luck to all Captivating Capiz participants.

  2. Sir,

    Congratulations for wiining the ‘Captivating Capiz’ Mini SEO contest as 2nd. You really have a good content and resources. You where able to manage to be on the Top 3 even in the last hour of the contest. Despite of some problems and issues encountered in the contest you skillfully stay on top. I do hope you where able to visit our Captivating Capiz and your relatives in Kalibo. Goodluck also for the future contest. God Bless.

  3. Thank you for the greeting and well appreciated. I think it should be me to call you sir. Anyway thank you and it seems you have been trying to see what I’ve been up to lately as I’ve also seen you visit my old profile at “mybloglog”. Also the signature seems obvious that you must be the owner or at least related to the Capiznon Website.

    Regarding the issues, I actually treated it more of a challenge and since I know what to do to handle the situation, hopefully, I got over it and everything for me is past already. I forgive those who have sinned against me and this is from my heart.

    You bet that I will visit Capiz and Kalibo sometime this summer or if I am lucky, this November which is my plan. I want to meet people like you and others who are in to web and internet business. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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