Social Bookmarking is DEAD – A New Algo in Link Building

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I have personally done a lot of experiments myself with link building because I love the art that it projects to my work. The problem is, there is usually not enough tool to use for me in order to prove specific data to claims. Today, I personally encountered somehow a new algorithm in Google with respect to social bookmarking use.

They seem (but I’m not really sure) to take a jot of the IP address of the social bookmarking exploiter and put it in their index so that when this person do use the same bookmarking tool to his post by way of triggering the IP stored in their servers, Google will immediately put down the post and instead of making it rank a little bit higher in the SERPs in a few minutes time differential, Google will not give that specific post any weight in the results regardless of it being a fresh content or not.

I’d like to call this myself some sort of an IP filter which they use today for SEOs and people who are taking advantage of the different social bookmarking tools out there to their own personal quest to rank in the results as early and as high as possible. Could this really mean that social bookmarking is dead?

Filipino Wins 2nd Spot in Busby SEO Test Worldcup

February 3, 2009 at 4:44 pm | Posted in Search Engine Optimization/Marketing | Leave a comment

Pinayspeak blog owner, a Filipino won the recently concluded Busby SEO Test worldcup sponsored by busby. This is actually nothing new as the same owner won the 4th place last Busby SEO Challenge Worldcup 1.

An Indonesian got the first place, using the failed SEO contest domain The FilipinosĀ  helped each other to the last minute but maybe it was not enough to make it in a cardiac game of SEO because the Indonesian came up with something in the last second. Pinayspeak was the first the whole day until in the last minute, it stumbled and gave way for the Indo to win first place.

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