Google Didn’t Allow Me

March 4, 2009 at 8:38 am | Posted in seo contest | Leave a comment

I lost an entry today for the Tnomeralc Web Design Toys experiment because Google didn’t allow me to pour down links to the entry. I am trying to see which among the density with respect to numbers will take me to the top but instead, I fell down like a helpless toy from the top of the roof.

I am not so much in to web design but I must admit that I want to learn how to toy with CSS and the art of the implementation is really challenging for me. I remember when I used to wonder how an image can be alligned in the middle of a blog post but now, everything in that matter is just a few clicks away. You won’t even have to learn web design to design a web site. Everything else is almost instant and automatic with the sprouting usability scripts and programs around the internet.

Even free blogging platforms allow so much usability that spammers tend to exploit at times. I won’t. As long as I know methods that really work for me and my sites though. I have experienced so many things others haven’t but I am also a constant wanderer to my own web design world trying to decipher some magic bullet that almost everybody claims one cannot find.

Now, here is another attempt to gain glory using something I haven’t tried so here goes. I hope this makes it because the results pages are bulking up more each day and the chance that you can take an entry to the top becomes slim as you let time pass. Here comes another effort to regain glory for the Tnomeralc Web Design Toys race.


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