Call Center Hiring in Philippines

July 25, 2009 at 3:15 am | Posted in Jobs | 2 Comments
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In the past few months of the global economic crisis, the call center industry is perhaps one of the first affected. Mass layoffs have been reported to go on each week in the Philippines as this situation prompted some of the little less prominent call center companies to close down eventually.

But the good thing is, according to reports based on the recent job fairs, call center hiring has again boomed and gave way to more job openings. In the recently held jobsdb and jobfair, it is reported that call center jobs were the most applied for by many professionals and college graduates, contrary to what has happened in the previous job fairs in the Philippines.

Right after we felt the impact of the global recession, job applicants were not entrusting their time to apply for call center jobs because they believe that it will not give them stability and security of employment. a few months after, we are experiencing more job applications for call center agent vacancies. I am glad that the turnaround gave the Philippines today more chances at getting more investments from other countries today.



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  1. As I see it many call centers in Asia is doing well based on the problems at the moment, more and more company’s look to save money any way possible and no doubt Asia provide a cheaper workforce then UK/US etc.

  2. yeah, good thing that the BPO industry remains stable. Well, i just wish that it would continue to become stable in years to come. For readers who is looking for a job in BPO industry and would like to be guided in terms of applying in call centers, just click the BPO Jobs and Guides. Thanks.

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