PBB Double Up Update: Jimson and Kathy Failed Patrick on Weekly Task of Housemates

October 20, 2009 at 8:36 am | Posted in Television | Leave a comment
PBB Double Up Updates

PBB Double Up Updates

Jimson, Kathy and Patrick failed in their weekly task which is supposed to give them the additional weekly budget of 5k pesos. The task was simple as it seems but it must’ve brought in new complications to the life of the three new housemates who just got inside the PBB house a few weeks ago. They were part of the second batch of PBB Double Up housemates.

Jimson gave in and eventually Kathy because they cannot bear with the task that Big Brother gave them. Patrick on the other hand seems uneasy but still doing good with respect to the task.

The task is for Patrick and Kathy, the original wife of Jimson to pretend and introduce themselves as husband and wife. Jimson on the other hand will just be another housemates who got in the PBB Double Up house.

It was the night when the wedding anniversary happened that Jimson thought he could not take it anymore. Kathy on another side is starting to feel the pressure while Patrick is getting nervous on the looks of the two. They do look and seem eager to reveal their true identity and loose the weekly task.

On the night after the wedding anniversary celebration that Jimson gave in and admitted that it was him and Kathy who were the real couple. Patrick cannot take it because he knows that other housemates will also suffer if they fail the task and that is just what happened.


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