Press Secretary Cerge Remonde dies

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The Philippines presidential secretary Cerge Remonde died today at the hospital of Makati Medical Center. He was reported to have been found unconscious in his own house in Makati early today and just before he was brought to the hospital, it is initially reported that he is no longer breathing. Read more of the new here – Continue Reading Press Secretary Cerge Remonde dies…

April 2010 Marks Filing of Income Tax Returns in Philippines

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We all know that when April month comes, it is also time for all workers and employees who pay their taxes through monthly regular deductions will have to file their BIR income tax return forms. It has to be done in the month of April as it was always done so just reminding you if you are a Filipino tax payer to make that filing of your BIR income tax return as early as possible. Continue Reading April 2010 Marks Filing of Income Tax Returns in Philippines…

Party Today at Kenneth and Bibot Balatbat Residence

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We’ve just partied today at Bibot and Kenneth residence in Gen. T de Leon. It was a thanks giving party given by these two friends of ours and we were all very well accommodated I must say. The party is a thanks giving party for Kenneth passing the Architecture board / licensure exam. Continue Reading Party Today at Kenneth and Bibot Balatbat Residence…

Evans vs Silva in UFC 108 today

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Evans and Thiago Silva will face each other today at the MGM Grand Arena after so many times that this two great fighters have planned to go against each other in the middle of the octagon. Today, UFC 108 live fight will be on the way and we will witness who is the one true superior fighter from these two great ones. Continue Reading Evans vs Silva in UFC 108 today…

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