Dead celebrities keywords and downside in Adsense earnings

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Keyword race with respect to “dead celebrities” is dead. Why is this so? Fact is, based in a personal experience level, I saw that even when you top the search results, you still have little or no earnings despite getting literally thousands, even millions of visits per day. One more thing is that even if you top the search and get all these visits, the ads appearing on your page will be public service ads. Continue Reading Dead celebrities keywords and downside in Adsense earnings…

Race for live stream keywords

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Webmasters in the Philippines lately vie for the top position on keywords with live stream events like boxing, sports, important global events and so on. If you are a webmaster, chances are, you will stumble upon one or two of the local guys trying to rank for keywords just like what they did in the Oscar Awards and live UFC fights.

I personally adore these webmasters, SEO bloggers and even those who own money making websites. The reason is because they must have the solid rock guts in order to compete for such highly optimized pages against with in trying to rank. My point is, why the race for these types of keywords when you can actually spend some time trying to find local keywords 10-100 times easier to rank with with minimal pay should you convert with it.

Well, of course to each his own on this matter because I once and I must admit there are still a few times I would like to try my SEO skills trying to rank for highly competitive new keywords to rank for related to “live stream” targeting. Good luck though to you if you are one of these guys. Me, I’ll just nibble my fingers in low competition keywords and maybe try to find 10 of them in a day instead of wasting so much time and SEO effort in competing for such as I’ve mentioned above.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather may push through

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It was reported tonight in the news in ABS-CBN TV Patrol that finally, some light is being shed by promoters and people behind the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight. Of course Manny had to win first over his latest opponent Sugar Shane. The two are already undergoing rigid training of their own in preparation for the fight which is staged to happen this year.

How about you? Who would you go for in the Pacquiao vs Mosley live stream boxing? What are your thoughts about the upcoming Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight?

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