Dead celebrities keywords and downside in Adsense earnings

March 31, 2011 at 7:46 am | Posted in Search Engine Optimization/Marketing, seo contest | Leave a comment

Keyword race with respect to “dead celebrities” is dead. Why is this so? Fact is, based in a personal experience level, I saw that even when you top the search results, you still have little or no earnings despite getting literally thousands, even millions of visits per day. One more thing is that even if you top the search and get all these visits, the ads appearing on your page will be public service ads.

With this on hand, you will still have to struggle on your Google Adsense earnings. For those who are up to traffic alone, yes, maybe it is still good for you but take this as a tip. If you are living your bread earning from Google Adsense being a publisher, chances are, don’t give too much attention of dead celebrity keywords. SEO is not just a battle ground of who gets on top of the results, its all about traffic and conversion.

For SEOs earning from MFA sites or Google Adsense, it might be worth more your time to try to compete with popular local searches rather than popular celebrity death keywords. I’ve seen many out there and I respect their choice. I’d still do it but don’t give it much time to promote my pages.


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