SONA 2011 Twitter trending

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For sure, as Pinoys divulge in the recent most important event in history of the Philippine government, the SONA 2011 is expected to go on twitter trending. Events get developed and OFWs are on the watch what will be President Aquino’s program where the OFWs will benefit from.

We have all seen how P-Noy speeches go and I must say they all go along well without the president trying to take a look at a copy of it. He that good in all his speeches but will he be good enough to convince the Filipino people regarding his economic policies and his administration’s previous accomplishments? Let us all see.

2 Azkals players suspended in Azkals vs Kuwait football game 1

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In the game 1 of Philippine Azkals vs Kuwait football, 2 players who were both said to have received a yellow card in the previous game agains Sri Lanka is going to be suspended from playing. This is according to news reports stating that there is a ruling in the game that states it is according to the rules.

There were already appeals regarding this matter but Pinoys should accept that Borromeo and another player won’t be able to play in the Azkal’s camapaign to beat Kuwait for the qualifiers.

info for ofws looking for loan in Philippines

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If you are looking for information regarding OFW loan in Philippines, I’d like to share this resource to you. Gave you the link so all you have to do is to take a peek and see what the different standard requirements are.

On the other hand, you might want to go check out OWWA for their loan offers. They also have business loan for displaced OFWs. Philippine banks also do have it but mind you that it is most likely that you will have to have a collateral to be able to apply for one.

SSS, GSIS and other government agencies also have a version of the OFW loan, its just that these loans often come as personal loan based on a criteria and table from your contribution rates.

Fisnished Joomla training and proceeding with Illustrator or Correl

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Last week I just finished my course training in Joomla web development and this week I am currently taking up Correl. Looking forward to be on the class for the next course I am planning to take after this one already as I got so hooked up in web development right now.


Currently at home practicing my Joomla designing and playing around with the different functionalities with the use of our own training module which was given to us by Henry N. Ong, our mentor. By the way, if you want to take up Joomla and you are looking for training centers, might want to consider his service. You can find Henry in Sulit and Tipid PC.

Finished 2-day Joomla training course

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I enrolled last week to Joomla web development course with Henry N. Ong II and I must say this guy is not a genius in the field. He is a pro and he’s the man. If any of you out there is looking forward to take Joomla course, this guys is just the perfect destination. Continue Reading Finished 2-day Joomla training course…

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