The chaperon and driver

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I tried searching in wikipedia for the word chaperone / chaperon as I know myself to be so bad when it comes to grammar and spelling. I was surprised to find, though that these two words may actually be used but as you see from the title, I settled for the one with “e” as it was actually found in wikipedia plus the Google Search result yielded more than 7 million results whereas with chaperon, it was only more than 5 million.

Well, anyway, this word came up because I am a chaperone and a driver yesterday giving love to our one and only daughter, TJ accompanying her to Manila Ocean Park (there’s one in Hong Kong). We buzzed off early and we were lucky to stand-by at SM Manila where the meetup with her classmates was actually supposed to take place.

We enjoyed dinner and merienda there eating bibingka ( a different experience yesterday ) and Red Ribbon palabok (perhaps the most delicious I’ve ever tasted). At the end of the afternoon, we took off to Manila Ocean Park and waited in Inasal the whole evening trying badly to drink coffee as I was really a bit dizzy with last night’s online session with the nurses asking me to release the full version of the NLE result. Continue Reading The chaperon and driver…

Find me

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People have been making efforts to contact me all the time and so I decided to make a short note featuring a set of profiles I have online. This is so that it would be easier for them to find me elsewhere online. BTW, my name is Sam Casuncad and I just wanted everybody else to know that they can reach me in a number of places online.

Extra: While some would like to contact me to offer a job of writing, some would ask if I am available for SEO and some would try to reach me for link building and branding their business, well, cheer up, I will be featuring a series of links where you can find me using this Posterous account. One may be found above in this article. Chiao!

Find me here – Wiki Answers Profile

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