It’s Been 5 Years – A Car After the Amusement Job

September 18, 2013 at 2:20 am | Posted in Amusement Parks Jobs | Leave a comment
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June 2013 is when I finish paying for the car I took from my brother. We now have fully paid and fully owned. That is what life has been after the amusement park job I had back in 2004. I resigned 2008 and 4 years of work did not give me an inch to buying our own dream car but today, it all came true.

So what does this prove? Simple. You can’t expect to buy yourself a little luxury in life by working as a corporate slave for other companies. Lucky me, because I’ve always had that inkling gut feeling of knowing I will and can come up successful working my long day hours for myself. I’ve always had it in me and I’m glad my wife, Ana had it now in her too.

Today since the year started July 2013, we have been taking turns working it out to buy our new dream home. Maybe not in Baguio but it will definitely come. We both know it and we can see it from here as we always talk about earning from being a freelance loan consultant for a top lending company in the Philippines. Anyway, there is proven life after the amusement job and today, I am working on a new project for car loan in the Philippines. This project site that offers car loan without taking your car can be visited here –

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