Got Free Accommodation to Villa Krizelna Bulacan Resort

September 20, 2013 at 1:05 am | Posted in Amusement Bonds With Nature | Leave a comment

A couple of years ago, because of SEO and online marketing knowledge, me and my family was able to get free accommodations to Villa Krizelna. We were entertained by Miss Tess and Krizelle Ampo, their daughter. The free accommodation to this Bulacan resort came because they found me writing about their nice place and finding my post, they asked if they could have more and so I opted in to asking if we could visit the resort to take photos and shoot short nice videos of the location and the amenities inside the resort.

We found the paradise swimming pool place in San Rafael Bulacan where we also found more about the exact look and feel of what it is to get to swim and enjoy the resort amenities. They have more than what they can offer for visitors.

It was fun and relaxing for a one day affair in the fresh air of Bulacan and enjoy the live band inside the resort which is a regular weekender for the owner. They pay great bands to perform at night and we were able to catch up with it.

In all this, me and my family would like to issue this very late thanks to the administration for giving us free room accommodation, free food and free entrance fees to the resort and plus they showed us the whole place and we took pictures of the area.

Again, many thanks to former Kapitana, Miss Tess Ampo and her daughter, Krizelle Ampo who at that time is in Boracay but made a few calls to make sure we were entertained in their resort in Bulacan, San Rafael.


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