UN Day Celebration Rush for National Costumes

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It’s now October and this month happened to also be the UN Day celebration month for all private and public schools all over the Philippines. When this day comes, all schools are busy with parade here and there to showcase the different national costumes of the UN member countries all over the world. The official UN Day according to the website of United Nation is on October 24, 2014.

un kids costumes

UN Kids Costume

In Manila, it’s a different day of feast especially in public schools both elementary and high school students get busy with creating makeshift flags of an assigned UN country and also busy with trying to look for a place to buy cheap UN costumes. For this, I can only tip you off with a few great places to look for and odd but great would be to start off with malls in Divisoria and Quiapo. I also heard sometimes you could come up with nice designs in SM department store branches as well as Robinson’s Mall. This information is from a close friend as she tried once going around and found interesting national costumes of different member countries and yes, surprisingly, also those for the upcoming halloween celebration in November.

I heard there is a cheap supplier of United Nations costume in Tutuban Center Mall, 999 Mall and 168 Mall as well. In Quiapo, you can try looking in the streets of Hidalgo where there is also an array of ukay-ukay clothes, suits and costumes that go together with your official flag country. You can find a nice guide on how to get to Tutuban Center Mall here – http://www.metromaniladirections.com/2012/03/how-to-get-to-tutuban-commercial-center.html.

It’s already the rush day for the month of celebration so if you really want to come up with a nice idea or costume to buy at the lowest baratillo price possible, you should be on your way to look for them online. A good resource that allows rent for kids costume is Sonia Lee and Costume Central. You can also find a nice information at MyPilipinas Costumes and Costume Philippines UN Costume.


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