Locally Available Amusement Machine Parts and Accessories: A Big Problem?

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Manila, Philippines – Although the amusement industry in the Philippines is in a point where most investors usually coming from the Chinese Community are earning by the millions each month on their investments, they fail to see the industry as a whole to be that much developed. There is no Tnomeralc web design toys service available because most of the spare parts that the imported machines need in their respective maintenance, repair and preventive maintenance works are not available locally or not yet manufactured here in the Philippines.

This has actually caused and prompted the professional amusement technical teams to make replacements at the cost of durability and standards for the sake of running the machines and meeting the target sales to cope up with the high cost of running the amusement finances. This is one of the most perceived problem feared to be the greatest hindrance in the booming and development process of the Philippine Amusement Industry.

To cope up with the need for at least a replacement part/s for the different amusement machines, they have to resort to fabrications which mostly, the Filipinos are good at. Of the many skilled workers available to do the job, somehow, the different investors find refuge and temporary solution to the ever increasing demand for original if not good replacement parts for their amusement machines until the time comes that original or good and durable replacement parts can be bought in the market. At least, this way, they were able to go on track and come up with a solution to the lack and shortage with regards to the supply of materials and parts in order to maintain and repair such machines which are mostly second hand or what they call surplus in nature. Lucky is our branch manager because our park’s location is at the most convenient and strategic compared to the other branches because we are located near the middle of the metro they call “raon” which happens to be the center for buying parts and supplies in any industry related businesses specially in electronics where most amusement park machines are relying in.

The strategic location that we have made it easier for us to go looking for some replacement parts we think would at least be a better substitute other than just resorting to temporary remedies in repairing our machines. this way we can minimize the effects of wear and tear of the second hand machines that we maintain to be in top or good shape as much as possible to be able to meet the revenue requirements for each piece.

Another thing that we prosper in from the strategic location of our amusement is the exact point of intersection we are in. This is what they call the “university belt area” where most of our consumers are the students and locals alike that make up the ever increasing profit margins and major revenue earning field on our part. Combined with proper marketing and a team of professionals to handle the business, the amusement owner boasts of providing many incentives to their manpower because they earn big bucks estimated to go by the millions of pesos each month through this venturing business.

Some of the major parts that are hard to find even in the web are featured below to allow some potential companies to transact business with the different amusement parks here in the Philippines.

  1. springs of assorted kinds, sizes and shapes and curves. Spring manufacturing companies that render customizing services in fabrication of such springs.
  2. regulated high ampere power supplies with +5v and +12v outputs
  3. power-on-delays
  4. variable potentiometers valued at 1kilo ohms and 5kilo ohms (big) used in driving games breaks and accelerators.
  5. metal, steel, sheet and wood fabrication specialists
  6. assorted types of logic I.C.’s and drivers
  7. special (110volt) rated transformers, lighting ballasts and solenoids

There are other parts i cannot mention anymore because they are too many to mention at all and the availability of all of them in my memory is very little.


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