Amusement’s Tekken 5 Character I Love to Use

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First, i love and i personally like using Feng Wei as character but it’s sad to say that he has few moves only although most were gothic – type for me and adds up to the element of surprise that enabled me to defeat some great players in some rounds. Unluckily, it was not even enough to overcome the better ones using him. Odds are, i’m not gonna win using Feng Wei so i resorted to Bryan Fury after learning some of his moves. Other characters i like using is Asuka Kazama which lately has brought to my lists so many wins and i was also able to defeat some great players there along with my conquests.

Of the many fanatics we have in the amusement everyday, Paul phoenix is one of the best if not the best that i have encountered. My colleagues used to call him by that name because he likes using the character Paul Phoenix whenever he fights. Another good and  perhaps the best fighter i have come to defeat is “bata” it was i who had him called bata by my colleagues because he is the youngest player in the league of regulars in the tekken 5 buttons.

Jack, who i rarely defeat, because he uses dirty tricks in playing and does not like admitting defeats always resorts to such moves whenever he gets defeated by 1 round. He uses the same tricks and combos but it made him survive the round anyway and was able to get away with it at great ease. Using only either Paul, Christie, or Raven, Jack always manages to defeat the good ones but there is this certain guy that he cannot take over lately. He is the one using Mokujin and seem to know every move he knows and every combos he do is always a step better that what Jack can.

Mokujin by the way is the only character in the Tekken 5 lists to exhibit multiple character moves at a time (each round). This special trait is called as mimicry or the art of copying moves of any opponent that he encounters. I promised myself to study the moves lately  to defeat them all, fair and square unlike Jack and Sir Dennis who resort to the same dirty trick every time just to get a win but time it seem is not on my side because whenever i try to, i end up just playing around and at most one would challenge me and take off the minutes i allot to practice without an opponent.

Good luck to you guys…and visit the tekkenomics by Kenneth Walton.

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