When Amusements Run Out of Customers

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This summer, most of the amusement parks and small amusements here in the Philippines are running out of the regular student customers that used to visit the amusement for the much needed short breaks from school. Yes, students are only some of the many avid and regular visitors of most amusements here in the Philippine Amusement Parks that abound in most of the metro malls and famous venues like the SM mall series in the whole of Metro Manila.

Since almost 75 % of the amusement visitors are students, then, they may at least make up the 75 % margin of the total income of the small and big amusement parks that depend on those students who regularly visit the amusement parks for short fun they sometimes need as breaks from hectic school schedules, term papers, assignments and examinations.

Setting aside, since summer is already here, these big amusements that depend on getting the income that they need in order to make it to the qouta margins of their income expectations, they apply some techniques that get the attention of those families with which they get the income support they need to survive when the students are out of the picture. These are the amusement marketing promotions that they put up just to generate the extra attention that their amusement parks need in order to cope up with the missing amusement visitors they get their regular income from.

Marketing techniques include and vary from singing contests, promo incorporation with other companies such as fast foods, video rental stalls, theaters, and within amusement machines promos. These promotions have been effective throughout the other schemes that they sometimes use just to get out from the brink of running out of customers and regular amusement visitors.

As i have mentioned, aside from the outside promos that they use to attract amusement visitors, those who can afford giving big prizes for singing contests do win the attention of regular singing fans that wants to sing out loud about their talents and this is one of the regular amusement visitor-pooling that is as effective as giving food to hungry fishes in the pond.

Another regular promotion of those amusements in malls are the promotions that they give with their amusement machines. Such good examples of this promotion is the one token two credit scheme. Through this one token two credit scheme most amusement parks attract customers to their parks and at the same time they get to have them play the amusement machines that does not get much players with.

Although i have seen this scheme in most amusement parks and amusement machines in many metro mall amusements, this is still by far as effective as any other amusement promotions because the Filipino amusement fanatics are all looking forward to seeing promotions and sale and many discounts. Filipinos just love taking a peek at these schemes and having a try at them.

Tom’s World Amusement Center Philippines

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One of the most recognized and visited regularly by many avid amusement fanatics and all-occasion regulars, in the Philippines, Tom’s World Amusement Center puts more investment in quality machines for newly open outlets all over Metro Manila. In addition to these innovations, the management is trying to uplift the atmosphere on different venues by providing quality, affordable, mass-oriented, and fun-filled service ideal for both individuals and the Filipino family alike.

Expanding in numbers from within Metro Manila before, now they have other conquered venues in both the far northern and southern Philippines and currently continues to grow due to efforts by key personnel. The different branches were able to expand more by opening satellite areas within their corresponding area of responsibilities and also due to the growing demands by customers.

To this cause, a need to establish another area- The Central is now on the process of having their own core of management teams and drafting their own set of elite technical personnel mostly trained in Alabang Festival Mall– main branch in the South Area. These service technicians were molded to fit and qualify for work.

Growing by the numbers in different respective areas, the Tom’s World Family is accepting staffs to occupy different key positions such as, service crew, service technicians, cashier and redemption personnel, accountants, graphic artists and management staffs. Visit the main office at the 3rd level of Alabang Festival Mall.

In addition, to accommodate requests by avid customers, the management and marketing personnel were able to provide and come up with rentals on special occasions such as birthdays, product promotions, school foundations, modeling presentations, fun fares, and other special events.

Amusement Parks, More of a Leisure and a Luxury

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It’s a happy fact for most amusement owners here in the Philippines getting the most out of the advantages on exploiting the timely boom of the Amusement Industry. Most entrepreneurs who invest in amusement and amusement parks are earning a significant amount of money through different amusement machines.

The sad instance is of course because here in the Philippines, the vast majority of patrons of any amusement are either the middle earning people or the massive poor. Why is this so? I work in a prestigious amusement also and the fact that i see all sorts of people vying to get rides and fun games and arcades are mostly those who as i’ve mentioned before belong to the poor category. Sad but true, and we have to learn to accept the fact. Prices of tokens range from 5 php up to 7 php and you get the pleasure of having that certain amount in a few seconds and for the lucky veterans maybe a few minutes.

On my everyday life in the amusement, i have always made it a point and made it  be an automatic action to see to it that all the machines we maintain are at their most top conditions. While roving around first thing in the morning, i  see that either students or the regular medal games addicts are the familiar faces everytime and become the very first present in our place. These people spend money inside not knowing and noticing that soner or later they cannot control anymore their spendings because of the nature of some amusement machines to provide fun to everyone.

Becoming fond of these games they don’t notice they have little by little become addicts of the said games. This i guess is the valued characteristic that makes people come to such places again and again. Another sad fact about amusements these days is that most big spenders in games where you can win tokens are the basic masses or the poor who as i could only guess at some sort of basis spend money in an undetermined amount because of the nature of the said games which is addicting as like gambling and drugs. I have even seen some of them who as their first timers in our place look a little bit ok but after spending quite some time for about months and even years of playing look none the less like those other people i could only describe as poor. Sometimes they would even just rely on asking for a piece from winning players.

Funny how but they couldn’t even notice at times how they look or i could perceive maybe that they don’t bother looking on the mirror and see what they have subjected their souls in valuing more at going to the place and be the first ones waiting for the place to open as if they are employees themselves. I guess the most important thing for them is having fun without taking into consideration the true concept and limits of it.

I just feel lucky enough that i get to play most every amusement machine in our branch because it is my job to see to it that players get the most out of their peso value. Not to mention that it includes my family who also enjoy my privileges being a regular employee of an amusement company having to play out the free token we have each month.

This is the reason why i feel that the amusement these days are sort of concentrating too much on providing fun through providing amusement machines that are for me not meant more on just to amuse people but also to earn a significant amount of income through it regardless of what it does to the persons who patronize it.

Of course people have their own choices to make and therefore it is also for them to feel whatever consequences it would partake to them later. I’m not saying that it in fact it is a bad business because if i would be given the chance to invest on such a business, one of my first choices would also be the amusement.

I am writing this blog post to the point that i do not intend to mislead people who might read it but instead make it clear that we all have our choices given the same circumstance and this industry has made me the person that i am now which is a better one than before. The industry has helped me in all aspects of my life, from finacial, personal, family and to becoming the more goal-oriented person that i am.

The Amusement General Meeting: “Be Creative” (theme)

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There will be an upcoming Tom’s World Amusement General Meeting tentatively scheduled on August 16 for our ICC branch. There will be lots of fun including “free games” which the whole staff and team members are fond of and is looking forward.

Unluckily, it will only be for the company employees and no outsiders will be allowed. I’m pretty sure there will be a long line in the Tekken 5 game where i expect to be one just to defeat Jack and the others. I expect to be on practice tomorrow just to meet my target. Remember that “there can only be one” as in the line of the Highlander movie.

By the way, the theme for the said event is “be creative” as said by Ma’am Marge of the HR department. I still expect Sir Dennis to go in front and speak himself out but i guess he’ll be out of the picture by then and Ms. Esther Lim is expected to take over for the purpose. Am sure there’ll be lots of huzzes and fuzzes all around the place but i can only for now hope for the best for the General Meeting to turn out happy as everybody else is expecting.

There were also lots of new staffs from the redemption department and the operations(crew) department and i bet this will make the evening happier than before and more acquaintances are also expected because of the newbies. See you there…

Happy gen meet guys!!!

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