April 2010 Marks Filing of Income Tax Returns in Philippines

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We all know that when April month comes, it is also time for all workers and employees who pay their taxes through monthly regular deductions will have to file their BIR income tax return forms. It has to be done in the month of April as it was always done so just reminding you if you are a Filipino tax payer to make that filing of your BIR income tax return as early as possible. Continue Reading April 2010 Marks Filing of Income Tax Returns in Philippines…

Call Center Hiring in Philippines

July 25, 2009 at 3:15 am | Posted in Jobs | 2 Comments
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In the past few months of the global economic crisis, the call center industry is perhaps one of the first affected. Mass layoffs have been reported to go on each week in the Philippines as this situation prompted some of the little less prominent call center companies to close down eventually.

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