Artificial Linking Filter by Google

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It has been done and it’s final that Google has been nosing around and inching their way to filter sites and owners who have been doing linking exploits. Google found a way of penalizing them with some sort of an artificial link filter. I’ve seen it in the recent Tnomeralc Web Design Toys experiment I have been sampling things out and I finally found the trigger to this.

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Social Bookmarking is DEAD – A New Algo in Link Building

February 3, 2009 at 4:58 pm | Posted in New Linking Technology | Leave a comment
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I have personally done a lot of experiments myself with link building because I love the art that it projects to my work. The problem is, there is usually not enough tool to use for me in order to prove specific data to claims. Today, I personally encountered somehow a new algorithm in Google with respect to social bookmarking use.

They seem (but I’m not really sure) to take a jot of the IP address of the social bookmarking exploiter and put it in their index so that when this person do use the same bookmarking tool to his post by way of triggering the IP stored in their servers, Google will immediately put down the post and instead of making it rank a little bit higher in the SERPs in a few minutes time differential, Google will not give that specific post any weight in the results regardless of it being a fresh content or not.

I’d like to call this myself some sort of an IP filter which they use today for SEOs and people who are taking advantage of the different social bookmarking tools out there to their own personal quest to rank in the results as early and as high as possible. Could this really mean that social bookmarking is dead?

Profile Link Building

November 26, 2008 at 2:06 pm | Posted in New Linking Technology | Leave a comment

The increase in social bookmarking and social networking sites have generated a lot of different opportunities to do link building for a master such as me and my team in link building the white hat way. WE have observed and clearly penetrated how to do link building in so many ways and means of diverse new technologies and methods that we have proven to be effective more than what others can give under their name and service.

We now take pride at giving away a chance for those who are looking not just for the conventional link building methods done for their business websites but more than what owners know and expect. That is the kind of link building service that we are looking to serve this coming 2009 as we work on our resources before the end of the year.

We are now opening our possibilities of widening our link building services to profile link building or using profile of social bookmarking sites as well as other profiles out ther that offer giving a linkback within your profile if you sign up with them. This is something new to link building and I personally believe with the careful consultation on my team that we are the first to make this an official link building announcement as a new tactic to look in to in the coming months and in the approach of the new Year

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