Dead celebrities keywords and downside in Adsense earnings

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Keyword race with respect to “dead celebrities” is dead. Why is this so? Fact is, based in a personal experience level, I saw that even when you top the search results, you still have little or no earnings despite getting literally thousands, even millions of visits per day. One more thing is that even if you top the search and get all these visits, the ads appearing on your page will be public service ads. Continue Reading Dead celebrities keywords and downside in Adsense earnings…

Microstore Financement SEO contest

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In the Philippines and pinoy SEOs, there is a new ongoing SEO contest dubbed as Microstore Financement. No way can you still join because the registration was already through and the participants to the said contest are all positioned well. I hope though that this short post of mine will help an entry to the contest shake up the results as the end of the competition is soon on November first week. Continue Reading Microstore Financement SEO contest…

Last Day for Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation

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This is the last day of the SEO contest for Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation keyword and I know that this will be a surprising SEO contest as some of the best entries already made it to the top 3 spots while others haven’t yet poured down their links and maybe they will decide to do it in the last minute of the contest.

Me, I do not want to risk the very last minute move so I am giving this my all this time as I know that this will be the last move I will make and tomorrow morning, it will all be another story of link building for others but for me and my entry, we both will have to wait. Let the others see who’s got the most resources in this contest and let the others know and wonder that there is still time for somebody out there.

The results seem still vulnerable but one of the most interesting part here is that the keyword itself eriuqs spires healthy recreation used 4 words combined so it is even harder to determine which among these 4 words are good for use in link anchor text. For one some of the competitors just used the 4 words as they appear in sequence but for me, I stuck with the game plan to use a keyword research of the most possible keyword issues.

The Aklan Experience

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I’ve had one of the best experiences in my life today being here in Aklan. We arrived yesterday and is currently staying at my cousin’s house. We are looking forward to see Boracay the next few days because the weather here is not so good.

In the meantime, the entries to the tnomeralc web design toys didn’t seem to move event if the participants are all surely moving or trying to move entries in the past few days. Only google I guess holds what the fate of the other participants will be at the end of the contest.

I am currently not so sure if there will ever be another move ment as another entry which holds this post and another one didn’t move an inch for a few days now. This is the most exciting par when you join contests – the thrill of knowing that you are doing something but not moving at all are the entries because the last minute move will be around soon or anytime now. Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

New Algorithm for Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

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I though there will just 4 of those competitors whom will have to take care of with my promotions. I am glad there’s one more who entered into the arena early today because otherwise, we won’t know there’s still something that Paradise Philippines Biz can do. It was a cardiac move to topple the other Tnomeralc Web Design Toys competitors and it was indeed a last minute move which is very risky.

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