Got Free Accommodation to Villa Krizelna Bulacan Resort

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A couple of years ago, because of SEO and online marketing knowledge, me and my family was able to get free accommodations to Villa Krizelna. We were entertained by Miss Tess and Krizelle Ampo, their daughter. The free accommodation to this Bulacan resort came because they found me writing about their nice place and finding my post, they asked if they could have more and so I opted in to asking if we could visit the resort to take photos and shoot short nice videos of the location and the amenities inside the resort. Continue Reading Got Free Accommodation to Villa Krizelna Bulacan Resort…


Google Killed Keywords and SEO by Disabling Google Keyword Tool for Public Comsumption

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Although yes, you can still use Google Keyword Tool inside of Adwords, the mecca search engine has already disabled for public use, their tool. This means that if you do not have an Adwords account, you will be obliged to create and sign up for one to be able to use it. It’s now an advertising world out there with the biggest search engine trying to lure everybody else into their backyard. Continue Reading Google Killed Keywords and SEO by Disabling Google Keyword Tool for Public Comsumption…

It’s Been 5 Years – A Car After the Amusement Job

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June 2013 is when I finish paying for the car I took from my brother. We now have fully paid and fully owned. That is what life has been after the amusement park job I had back in 2004. I resigned 2008 and 4 years of work did not give me an inch to buying our own dream car but today, it all came true. Continue Reading It’s Been 5 Years – A Car After the Amusement Job…

Canelo Alvarez is Just Another Victim for Floyd Mayweather

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Hit and run. Hit and run. I was not able to watch the live stream fight between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez but I know beforehand that it will be like this for the rest of the rounds. To this point I’m not even sure if the fight has gone the distance but since I know how the not so pretty boy works inside the ring, I could care less whether it’s a knockout or a decision at the end of the fight. Continue Reading Canelo Alvarez is Just Another Victim for Floyd Mayweather…

Filing for a seafarer loan in the Philippines

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Are you a seafarer? Well, whether you are a female or male maritime worker, you must have already heard by now that you have the option to file for the seafarer loan. This type of loan is a fast release and processing type of lending and is currently becoming the most popular because of its characteristic of quick turnout of the loanable amount the same day of the application. Continue Reading Filing for a seafarer loan in the Philippines…

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