Google Filters Getting More Intelligent

August 24, 2009 at 8:58 am | Posted in Link Building Services | Leave a comment
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I’m glad that Google filters are getting more intelligent these days. I have personally experienced this one as it is truly a new wave of challenge for all the link builders in the Philippines as well as anywhere in the world. It will be harder now to rank a webpage anywhere less you have the right tools to use for your link building jobs.

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Link Builders are Growing in the Philippines

September 10, 2008 at 4:20 am | Posted in Search Engine Optimization/Marketing | 1 Comment

Since I have worked on a lot of projects for link building here in the Philippines, I found out so many possibilities as well as many opportunities that can come along with this type of webmaster services. In the Philippines, there are just a few of those who really know how to do link building and most new link builders would only allow a small space to learn about the subject matter.

The reason for this could be behind the fact that the internet battle in the Philippines has not yet grown into something like what they have there in the United States or in some parts of the world. We grew stale here in the Philippines with respect to link building and we suffered for that instance indeed. But today, with the way that the internet world has made easier link building, there are a lot of ways to learn more and more about it and so it literally became easier for people to even do it themselves spending just a few couple of hours working on their own.

Link building has never been this easy unlike in the early days when it is really hard to get links to an inner page because even the link directory owners would not allow. The link building industry indeed grew so fast and has revolutionized the way that the search engines allow linking as a healthy practice for many webmasters not just here in the Philippines but also in most parts of the world. With the way Google is allowing link building today, there is a lot more to this industry today than yesterday

Link Building by the Google Books

July 24, 2008 at 12:03 pm | Posted in Link Building Books | 3 Comments

Link building has never been this easy these days compared to what it is in the early days of Google. Techie people have always loved to see how scripts and codes and reciprocal forms and e-mails asking for links can be one of the hardest tasks by a link builder. At least, so far, this has been what link building is since then. I am glad that today, it has all changed. Link building according to the Google books was made a lot easier to accomplish today and even deep links are.

Time and again I get to be reminded of this, deep linking work that I’ve been doing for years now. It reminds of how much I had a hard time building one way links for clients since the year 2004. It is not just as hard to link directories allowing deep linking but it is also very hard to find site that you can get a link from pointing to the inner pages of a client. I can still remember back in the old days that in order for me to get links, a lot of links toward a webpage I am doing link building jobs with, I had to sign up with so many forums make a few hundred posts to get a link from my signature and make a lot of blog comments, hoping that I can get my comment approved.

Today, hub pages are pretty easy to make useful and good contents to have a deep link pointed to a client’s site. Press release sites are also easier to get links from, pointed to the inner pages of a website. It has never been this easy to get deep links today than yesterday based on the link building books by Google. The only problem is that Google doesn’t seem to like too much link building effort. There is a new link building book of records it seem that it wants to be written for the record. It’s like “NO MORE THAN 10 LINKS ALLOWED EACH DAY”. Well, it’s up to you to see through using your own experiment and prove what’s right.

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