Me, Myself and my Destiny

September 2, 2006 at 12:13 am | Posted in Philippine Amusement Park Industry | 1 Comment
  • Time

Each night i try to at least visit some blog sites that my  brother has referred to me. Some i found interesting at first, others provided links that i visited and somehow got stuck coz of interesting topics. Although i find it a little bit hard to cope up with my hectic sched because i had to attend work in the morning and the only time i get to like sneaking into some blogs is after my battered tired body is home at night. I always wonder why some bloggers claim that they earn as much as $10k, some $5k, some $3k, etcetera……etcetera….when all they talk about is some phony nothings that i don’t really understand up to now why the hell talk about those stuff…

  • Buzzzzzz

One way or the other, i found myself suddenly buzzing up those sites i later on regularly visit because they provided for my needs. Many have helped me write my posts in my own blog site that my brother has initiated for me. Mostly i found interesting as to their own aspect and character. Though some i see only as senseless still had me buffled to be filled with comments.

  • Neo Questions

I guess i really have much to learn after all. Anyway, What i really liked about this new venturing field i got myself into is the need for unlimited knowledge which is everywhere i go. I read this and that and the links begin to clog on my desktop. I ask myself+++ am i right now like “Neo” of the movie “Matrix” who sought for the white rabbit but ended up finding more confusion as to his own identity and why the urge to follow his instincts???

  • About

No is the answer..Period. I am myself and if ever i choose to go for the white rabbit, i’ll make sure to not only find it but to even up my curiousity with my never ending hunger for more knowledge in this field SEO (Search engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). I say this is the time, this is the venue, these are the people, and this is where i am going to be.

  • Quotes

Nobody is too old for anything……   (persevere)

No road is lost without a trail……      (follow the road)

No knowledge that cannot be gained…….(think,ask)

No endings are without beginnings……(i am inbetween)

  • Destiny

”Finally,,,,,,, No journey i will take without preparations……”

This is the only reason i hunger for facts to fill up this space inside of me.


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